Sunset over New Jersey

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk to watch the sun go down. I was on the Manhattan side of the Hudson. As I watched the sun decending from the sky I was wondering why New Jersey gets such a bad rap when clearly the sun prefers to decend into it rather than Manhattan.

The sunset was the type that had huge beams of light shining down here and there. Every once and a while one of the beams would draw a reflective line across the river that was so bright it made my eyes water. While I was looking at those beams I couldn't help but wonder what parts of New Jersey were blessed with the the sun's last rays of the day.

I've decided that watching the sun go down across the Hudson is one of the coolest things I get to experience in my life. And... I'm so very happy that I have the capasity to recognize its beauty

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New York Dude said...

If you have a bicycle, take a trip across the Geo Washington Bridge. The views are spectacular and the price is right. I forget exactly where the entrance is in Manhattan; my memory sez 180th Street. You can check it out on the web. I agree sunsets over NJ are a real delight.