The Many Shades of Me

I'm getting my hair braided again this weekend. At lunch time today I'm going to get the synthetic hair and pick out the colors. I thought it might be fun to share the many colors and styles that I've had through the years.

The first time I braided my hair was back in 2002. I did it because I was going to BurningMan, for the first time. If your not familiar with Burningman, its a HUGE festival of sorts held way out in the Nevada desert.. Its really too hard to explain go to the website and check it out. Anyway, having curly hair I was afraid it would end up in dreads by the end of the week so I decided to braid it.

I've since braided it a countless number of times and have learned not only how to choose better colors but how to style it and such.. I though it might be fun to showcase some of the different colors and styles.

  • The 2002 theme at BurningMan was The floating World based around water and the color blue. As you can see I dove in head first (hardy har har)

  • This one I like to call my Indian corn because if you could see the colors close up thats exactly what it looked like.

  • This is my old faithful and probably what I'll be doing again tomorrow. The colors are pink, dark red and blonde.

  • This one is the same colors above the old faithful its just in a different style.

  • I decided to take old faithful and put a fire under its ass.. This is the florescent version of old faithful. And how I wore my hair to BurningMan last year.

  • This is the same as above post BurningMan the ambient light doesn't show it, but its pretty faded and pretty grown out..

The end.

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