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I stole the April New York Magazine. from the doctors office this morning because I began reading a story in it about child prostitutes. Its one of those stories that you read and it sticks with you all day. Then every so often throughout the day your thoughts are taken back to the heaviness of that subject. I haven't finished the article yet. I plan to do that on the subway on my way home.

Earlier I kept thinking this phrase.. "If a strange man suddenly brings you flowers" I know its a commercial from the 80's I think it may be from a deodorant like Aarid extra dry.. Er wait was that "strong enough for a man but made for a woman" hmm. ... um anyway that got me thinking of commercial catch phrases from years ago like...

  • "hmm he never has a second cup"
  • "good to the last drop"
  • "don't squeeze the charmin!"
  • "You got your chocolate in my peanut butter............."
  • "The choice of a new generation"
  • "It's fun to tickle your tongue with fruit stipe gum" <-- I totally loved this stuff
  • "the "silver bullet" ... maybe its just me but that phrase doesn't make me think of beer ;)
  • "plop plop fizz fizz oh what a releif it is"

anyway thats all I can think of at the moment.

Often when I'm alone I like to blast some of my most embarrassing favorite songs and I even sing and dance to some of them.. below is a list of a few of them:

  • More than a feeling -Boston
  • If I close my eyes forever - Lita ford & Ozzy
  • Seasons change - Exposé
  • Don't go breakin my heart - Capt n Tennille
  • Love comes walking in - Van Halen
  • Poor some sugar on me - Def Leopard
  • When I'm with you - Sherrif
  • Mister Telephone man - New Edition
  • Pleasure Principal - Janet Jackson
  • He's so unusual - Cyndi Lauper
  • The Glamorous life - Sheila E
  • Anything from the Rocky horror Soundtrack(but mostly sweet transvestite) yeah um I dunno..

Damn I could go on for days.. anyway your not allowed to make fun.

Actually when I was little I used to line all of my stuffed animals up on the bed and call them "the audience" I would then stand on my wooden toy box or " my stage" and sing into the handle of the vacuum cleaner or "my microphone" :) and of course the gigantic teddy bear in the middle would be my love interest staring at me adoringly, while I would gaze deeply into his eyes as I belted out a ballad that was all about our love.. I seem to remember many many times morphing into Janet Jackson, Tiffani, Debbie Gibson, Expose, and Whitney Houston.. man those were the days..

end of thought-vomit session.

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