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Sticky Love

There is something about stick people that make me giddy as a little girl and giggle uncontrollably.
If you use 'The Google' to search stick figures you get a ton of really cute, funny, and sometimes stupid results. My favorites are of course exploding dog he also draws super cute dogs, and robots, and then there is Acid Zen Wonder Paint I could not stop laughing when I saw this one. he he ha ha..

Every blogger has at least ONE post about their pets!

Can't We All Just Get Along??

This is just something I can't get out of my head.. So I have two cats, and one dog. My boyfriend also has one dog, that means that in my small-ish
Manhattan dwelling there are 4 pets and two humans..

My Dog is Chloe.. cute, sweet, overly-affectionate pit bull mix (I think pit boxer actually, but really I'm not sure.) anyway she sleeps in her crate every night.. I say to Chloe, "ok, go ni-night" and away she goes tail wagging and all.. Last night, as usual I said those magic words and off she went for her nightly slumber, locked the crate and went to bed.

The next morning my boyfriend opened her crate only to see not ONLY Chloe exiting, but also my sweet 13 year old cat Timothy.. apparently they had some sort of rendezvous in Chloe's crib last night.

The thing I love most about this story is the big, mean, scary, society-shunned, mauling peoples faces, attacking young children, should-all-be-put-to-sleep, pit bull in a tiny 3.5' x 2.5' locked crate with a timid, tiny, fairly elderly feline. Trapped for close to 8 hours in that tiny space and they both exited without so much as a scratch.

I've had Timothy for 13 years, Chloe for nearly 9 and this blows me away. I knew they could be ok in the same house, hell even in the same room for hours or even days at a time, but this did surprise me. Don't get me wrong I did have faith, but I wasn't truly sure what would happen when natural enemies accidentally get trapped in such close quarters. Now I know. I have two very brave, er, um.. one very brave and one very tolerant pet to be proud of..

On the left is Chloe the sweetest pit bull in the world on the right is Timmy the oh so brave kitty.

I Want This!

When I was a kid, I used to be totally fascinated with those non-slip, mustard-yellow flowers stuck to the bottom of some bathtubs. Actually, I still am, I want them, um.. but not the mustard-yellow flowers. I want robots! In the bathtub and on my walls.

What about these? Do you ever go into Urban outfitters and wish that your bedroom looked exactly like they decorate the store? Minus the cash registers, price tags and sales people?
Me too .. these would help. I found em here.

OOOh! OOOh! update! Look what I just found!

Fun with Dick and Jane...

I'm reading three books right now. On the train its The Illustrated Jane Eyre that I got for Christmas, its my second time reading it but now it has pictures! At work I'm reading Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Written by Herself, and Famous Modern Ghost Stories which are sent in segments to my email daily.
If you go to Dailylit browse or search through their vast library choose a book or two and wallah! You are a reading fool.. They have a really great selection of the classics, as well as modern books. I'm not trying to advertise, I mean I guess I am, but I'm not getting paid for it.. Maybe I should! Anyway, I totally dig the site, the only thing that would be better is a segment a day in MP3 format. Then I could multi-task.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Logged on to?

The Pleasure of your Online Presence is Requested
To the wedding~cast of
Mr. Nerd Vista
Geeka McBinary
Please Join us as we are Married
on February Twenty Second, Two Thousand Seven
Please find your personal Username and Password
sent to your Palm Pilot Upon Receipt of Your R.S.V.P.
Following Reception Will Be Held at
Our Theme Will be Hosted by

No really! Look! You can WebCast your wedding for as low as $350.00

Dear Geeka & Nerd
We Can't Wait for that Special Day, Count us in!

Live Long and Prosper
Meh & Borg

I Have No Idea...

why I want this... I just do
A Titanim Spork!
Man I love that place.

Daahling, Join Me for Afternoon Tea?

ok, even though I have NO idea what a tea towel is or what one would do with such a thing, I TOTALLY want one.. especially if they look like these.. except in this picture they kinda look like they are hanging in a bathroom..

hmm now I'm even more unsure as to what a tea towel is. But if you want one too you can get it here

°O°oO°o°O° Zubbles!! °O°oO°o°O°

Oh My! Color me happy, what I wouldn't give to be a kid again. This company has spent the last 10 years inventing a way to incorporate bright beautiful colors into bubbles! They apparenlty don't stain, they're non-toxic, and are available in spring 2007 YAY! Guys get it? Colored bubbles! What color do you want? Watch the video.

Much 2 Much Dot Com

A coworker of mine is helping a friend with her Jewelry business. She sent me the link to the the site. The jewelry is so unique. The young lady who makes these beautiful pieces uses vintage Russian toys, Chinese toys and other random objects she has collected. Check out her collections.

My Friend Killagrrrl (Donna)

Unfortunately I have something sad to talk about. My Friend Donna, whom I know best as Killagrrl had a brain aneurysm on New Years Day while visiting friends in San Francisco. She is currently in SF General hospital...Still in a coma. As of yet we do not know the extent of damage to Killas brain. What we do know is that Killa has a rare disease called Moyamoya, which caused the aneurysm, she's had it for some time now but didn't know. On New Years Eve and into the next day Killa was dancing and having a great time until she started complaining of having a headache and her friends noticed that she was no longer dancing, which is out of character for Killa. So her friends luckily had the sense to drive her to the emergency room. She got there just in time. Had they not left when they did Killa probably wouldn't have made it. Killa, as I said is currently in a coma, and not projected to wake up for at least a few more weaks.

Killa's family live here in New York and don't really have the money to stay with her as much as they'd like to. So the good people of the Burningman community, through which I met Killa, have come together and created a website. We're trying to come up with some ways to raise money to help get her family back by her side. Please take a look, you can read about Killa, read more about Moyamoya see some pictures of her making life a party. Killa is a really special person and if you have met her you know, it goes without saying. Anyway take a look.

I will keep the link in the side bar so that it doesn't get buried in the blog.

Wanna Play?

**Update: I tried #7 on the first list on my way down to lunch, the door only opened once and I was alone.. but it was still fun.**

I got this in an email a while back. I decided to post it because its so damn funny.


1) Run one lap around the office at top speed.

2) Ignore the first five people who say 'good morning' to you.

3) Phone someone in the office you barely know, leave your name and say,” Just called to say I can't talk right now. Bye."

4) To signal the end of a conversation, clamp your hands over your ears and grimace.

5) Leave your zipper open for one hour. If anyone points it out, say,” Sorry, I really prefer it this way."

6) Walk sideways to the photocopier.

7) While riding in an elevator, gasp dramatically every time the doors open.


1) Say to your boss, "I like your style" and shoot him with double-barreled fingers.

2) Babble incoherently at a fellow employee then ask, "Did you get all that, I don't want to have to repeat it."

3) Page yourself over the intercom (do not disguise your voice).

4) Kneel in front of the water cooler and drink directly from the nozzle (there must be a 'non-player' within sight).

5) Shout random numbers while someone is counting.


1) At the end of a meeting, suggest that, for once, it would be nice to conclude with the singing of the national anthem (5 extra points if you actually launch into it yourself).

2) Walk into a very busy person's office and while they watch you with growing irritation, turn the light switch on/off 10 times.

3) For an hour, refer to everyone you speak to as "Bob."

4) Announce to everyone in a meeting that you "really have to go do a number two."

5) After every sentence, say 'Mon' in a really bad Jamaican accent. As in "The report's on your desk, Mon." Keep this up for 1 hour.

6) While an office mate is out, move their chair into the elevator.

7) In a meeting or crowded situation, slap your forehead repeatedly and mutter, "Shut up, all of you just shut up!"

8) At lunchtime, get down on your knees and announce, "As God as my witness, I'll never go hungry again."

9) In a colleague's DAY PLANNER, write in the 10 am slot: "See how I look in tights."(5 Extra points if it is a male, 5 more if he is your boss)

10) Carry your keyboard over to your colleague and ask, "You wanna trade?"

11) Repeat the following conversation 10 times to the same person: "Do you hear that?" "What?" "Never mind, it's gone now."

12) Come to work in army fatigues and when asked why, say, "I can't talk about it."

13) Posing as a maitre d', call a colleague and tell him he's won a lunch for four at a local restaurant. Let him go.

14) Speak with an accent (French, German, Porky Pig, etc) during a very important conference call.

15) Find the vacuum and start vacuuming around your desk.

16) Hang a 2' long piece of toilet roll from the back of your pants and act genuinely surprised when someone points it out.

17) Present meeting attendees with a cup of coffee and biscuits, smashing each biscuit with your fist.

18) During the course of a meeting, slowly edge your chair towards the door.

19) Arrange toy figures on the table to represent each meeting attendee, move them according to the movements of their real-life counterparts.

How to keep a healthy level of insanity in everyday life;

1) Tell your children over dinner. "Due to the economy, we are going to have to let one of you go."

2) Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.

3) Finish all your sentences with "In accordance with the prophecy."

4) Don't use any punctuation

5) Use, too...much; punctuation!

6) As often as possible, skip rather than walk.

7) Ask people what sex they are. Laugh hysterically after they answer.

8) Specify that your drive-through order is "to go."

9) Sing along at the opera.

10) Go to a poetry recital and ask why the poems don't rhyme.

11) Put mosquito netting around your work area. Play a tape of jungle sounds all day.

12) Five days in advance, tell your friends you can't attend their party because you're not in the mood.

13) Have your co-workers address you by your wrestling name, "Rock Hard."

14) When the money comes out of the ATM, scream "I Won! I Won! 3rd time this week!!!"

15) When leaving the zoo, start running towards the parking lot yelling, "Run for your lives, they're loose!"

And the final way to keep a healthy level of insanity....

19) Send this to everyone in your address book, even if they sent it to you or have asked you not to send them stuff like this

< /KO >

Presidential Address on Iraq

It is so obvious that he's reading a speech that someone smarter wrote for him, he looks as if he is watching a tennis match in slow motion. Also how many speech lessons have you had to take Mister "Put food on your families". He is also speaking slower than I've ever seen him speak... Losing the support of the people Mister President? Speaking better is not going to help that, we've seen 6 years of your dumbness.. And its clear that you need to withdrawl NOT increase.. lets watch the rest of your supporters drop off like dead flies when they are sickened by the senslessness of this war and thier friends and family die or lose someone in this ridiculous war.

This speech was not consistent with any of the other speeches you gave convincing the American public that we needed to declare war on Iraq.

Synonym of the day: President/Failure

Sorry for the rant.

< /KO >

Word of the Year: 2006;


According to Hometown Tales, and I agree, see below:
Examples of usage:
"Since you suck as Team Captain, you have been pluto-ed to Team Gopher"

Word its replacing:
'Demoted' "George Bush was demoted from President to White House Janitor, after he accidentally ripped one while meeting with The Board of Directors to the Amarican Oil Overlords Corperation"



So turns out that not two stops away from my stop on 1 train waaaaay up yonder in Harlem, two men were struck by a train. At first your like "Dear Lord thats awful!" and... well its not as bad as it sounds I mean, well its bad just not that bad. Turns out that a young man 18 years of age had a seizure and fell onto the tracks, so another man hopped down to try to save him, but didn't have enough time to get him off the tracks, so he laid on top of the seizure victim to protect him while the train sped over the two. Miraculously they lived!

Who says New Yorkers are mean natured?

So the man(hero) who jumped onto the tracks to save the kid is a Vietnam vet and said
"I think I did the right thing," then he said. "And it ain't about being a hero, it's just being able to be here and help the next person.". This is an amazing New York story. The kind I like. The kind I want to hear more of.. so go out there and put your ass on the line to save someones life! Go on.. Go! (and not just you New Yorkers, and not just you Vietnam vets)

Oh and make sure someone sees you do it so they can tell me about it.