My Little Man

This is me and my little man... Yes, at one point 16 years ago I gave birth to this man who most people now think looks older than me...aren't we cute? :)

P.S. he liked the Pluto t-shirt and duct tape wallet that I got him for his birthday.

I won! I won! I won! I won!

So I entered this contest that Lisa at the Eclectic Detective blog was holding for someone to design a new logo for the blog. I submitted a total of 4 and guess who won.. go wan guess... Yup! Meeeeeeeeee! I won 6 really cool design, artsy, costumey books! How exciting! Its a great boost to my ego and inspiration for offering others free logos.. So if you would like a logo (for non commercial purposes only) let me know thus far my portfolio of logos is - Mine ^ up there and Eclectic detectives.. I am doing it to sharpen my Photoshop and Illustrator skills so its all free. Also I will take care of the clearance of any of the fonts or presets I use.

Oh and if you hate my design you are not at all required to use it.. Also if you need help on how to add a custom logo to your blogspot blog I have the code.

Anyway shoot me an email if you'd like a shiny new logo

Early Morning Hide -n- Seek

I'm not exactly sure how long this would last before I found it and threw it against a wall. All though I can see how effective it would be.

The alarm clock that rolls away and hides. However, he is rather cute so I might think twice if I'm not too incoherent :)

The first Clocky was a DYI project he was covered in carpet:

Image via - Daily DIY

The Family That Enslaves Together Stays Together

Ok, um.. wha???

19 year old Emily Nicely stays with a family to finish high school in the same district after he family moves away.. This family of 5 decides to beat her, threaten her and make her their slave. And no this is not in 1801 this is in 2007. I'm sorry but these people are monsters. Not only did they enslave this poor girl, but they taught their kids to do it too. Their 2 teenagers 16, 17 were also arrested for this and charged as adults. They also have an 18 year old who was also arrested. Not only are the parents monsters but they managed to bread monsters. You can read the whole story here

Yet Another Thing for Me to Get addicted To

Ok as if there wasn't enough in this web 2.0 world to obsessively distract me from work and the rest of my life. Justin TV was just launched a day ago and now I'm obsessed with this.. I think its a brilliant idea.

My basic understanding of it is, Justin puts on a baseball cap with a camera connected to it, and he carries the laptop in his backpack and streams his life 24/7. I think what they are doing is turning it into a business where sponsors pay them to have Justin visit them while they show him what their business is all about in between his normal routine. I think they plan to try to make it interesting by having Justin visit different parts of San Francisco and visit with normal people.
One of the sponsors is zipcar I used to work there pretty funny.

His schedule is posted right next to the live feed, however so far I've noticed that he doesn't really follow it too closely, right now its 9am pst he was supposed to be having breakfast in North Beach but he's doing the dishes instead. Oh wait... some random girl just called him, and it seems like he's getting realtime chats from people asking him to do stuff.. hmm this could be interesting..

Update: after a rocky start, Justin's video is down and has been for about 14 hours.. It lasted 2 days 2 hours.

Yummy Cat Food

While I was feeding my cats this morning I noticed that it says, "Tastes great" on the box. I couldn't help but wonder..... according to who? Seriously, who decided that the taste is great? I mean I have no choice but to take their word for it. However quite often I do notice that one cat seems ok with the food, while the other pretty much waits around for me to give him something else, which never happens so he finally eats it, which also makes me wonder how he stays so fat.

Oh yeah speaking of cat food, if you have a cat or dog you should be aware of the recent food recall. It affects 51 brands of dog and cat food. Go here to see if your pet's food is on the list.

You really DO learn something new everyday

Ok I'm not 100% sure but I think I have at some point heard of the stick bug, but yesterday on the discovery channel, I discovered that there is a bug called the leaf bug. While watching them talk about it I totally thought it was a joke. But its not, and I found it facinating. The guy picked this "leaf" off of a vine and the leaf started walking. The stick bug, the leaf bug and the ghost bug are an order of insects known as Phasmatodea. A ghost bug is just a colorless bug, the only one I've heard of thus far is the ghost ant. Anyway I thought was interesting so I did some research and found some photos:

Robots Taking Your Mail!!

it appears that the R2D2 Mail box is no longer just a rumor

Picture via- Gizmodo

My new *favorite* comedian.

Couldn't choose so I posted them both--

Basically; The Most Overused Word in the Workplace and Beyond

In my opinion 'Basically' is the one of the most overused words in the English language. In other words I basically think that people use it in sentences to sound like they know what they're talking about. You know? Most often a sentence is started like this; So basically all you have to do is listen to people speak around you, I guarantee you'll here it at least 10 times in one short conversation.

Especially when they're trying to explain something to someone and that someone isn't getting it.. The confused person is like... "wha??" so the overuser says.. "Ok so basically red and blue make purple right?.. Right. So basically if red and blue make purple then Purple is the new red and blue.

My theory is that basically is just one of those words that we use to "sum things up" or to say "well you should get it, its so simple I just explained the whole thing to you in English!"

I find that really smart people whose native language is not English, and who also have heavy accents really overuse it. This happens because basically the person listening not only doesn't get it but also struggles to get what they are actually saying.

Try it just as a game, see how many times you hear someone say basically, you get extra points if they say it when they aren't trying to explain something to someone.

Another word I feel is used waaaay too much is 'actually'. Ooh and I personally overuse 'honestly'

New Logo! New Logo! New Logo!

- the way that little miss Sunshine said.. I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! P.S. if you haven't seen that movie definitely see it. I didn't know I would like it as much as I do. Its SO good.

anyway.... New Logo New Logo! New Logo!

I made it myself ;)

Add to Wishlist..

Know whats worse than doing the dishes, laundry, scrubbing the toilet, mopping the floor, and shoveling snow?... Changing the litter box. I can't stand doing it I don't.. (sometimes I do don't yell at me) I know its so bad, I really need to fix that.. *I did change it over the weekend, but its in the basement so its easy to forget about..

Thats why I need this. But its $300 smackaroos! jeese I dunno.. I mean I was informed that our basement smells like a barn, so I suppose I should. ugh! decisions, decisions. BTW you can see my kitties below ;)


Zigaboo and Timmy

Heathcliff, Heathcliff No one should terrify the neighborhood...

I guess its because I'm a child of the 80's that I totally enjoyed this.. all TWENTY NINE minutes of it! And I think that Heathcliff's intro (solo, not with Marmaduke) was/is my favorite!....