The R.A.O.K project

I just had an idea, actually two ideas but I'm only going to focus on one right now. I'm going to start a new project called "The Random Acts of Kindness Project" I could have gone with a more creative title but I decided to stick to a more descriptive one.

Anyway I got this idea when I was downstairs just now taking a walk. I'm not sure what sparked this memory but; back when I lived in San Francisco I used to cross the Bay Bridge several times a week. On occasion I randomly gave the Bridge toll taker(?) what the heck are they called hmm. Anyway on occasion I would randomly pay for the car directly behind me. Just because you know. I thought it would be something that would become a chain of some sort. You know like I did it for someone then they would in turn do it and so on and so on.. Also I chose my bridge frugally the Golden Gate would have broken my bank acct you know what I mean?

I suppose that I would have to go looking for what this random act would be unless there are rare occasions when they are just obvious. It can't always have to do with money either since I have none. But I will be creative and come up with these random acts, then carry them out..

I'm thinking it might be a helpful way to improve my overall happiness as well.

The only other thing that worries me is that now that I am in New York my random acts of kindness might not be taken the same way that they are in the bay area you know? I mean I'm not just talking about giving up my seat on the subway to an elderly or pregnant person I already do that. Something more, something that people don't usually do for strangers..

Anyway I think you get my point. I'll post them when I do them.

Pay it forward

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Turtle Parade said...

You've already shown excessive kindness to me, a stranger, by making a banner for me!

You ARE a good person.

And, hopefully I, and others, will join you, and pay it forward as well. :)