Pig decision... and not a moment too late er soon

I finally made the decision to stop eating pig. I was getting more and more guilt ridden with every piece of bacon I consumed.. Don't get me wrong bacon is good but pigs are cute and smart and I just hate contributing to the death of more than a trillion of pigs every year for human consumption.. Now if a vegetarian heard me say that they'd be like.. "all life forms are equal" or something like that.. and I'd retort, "yeah they are, but so far I can still eat cow and chicken and fish and not have that same guilt so I'm not ready to go that far with this"..

So what does not eating pig mean for me.. It means no crumbled bacon in my chef salad, it means no grilled pork loin skewers over couscous with feta sauce, it means all beef, chicken or turkey hot dogs and sausages, it means no more BLT's, no spicy pork rinds, no holiday ham... ho hum.. well I think that my life will go on without the aforementioned so Im ok with this decision.

I mean seriously do you want to eat this?

See! How cute are they?


Precious Pea said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is great too.

After watching the movie "Babe", I got very sentimental and told myself no more pork for me. But ahem, seems like i couldn't resist myself. You are right, they are sooo cute!! If only i can own one as a pet, i would then swear to go pigless-free diet. Hahaha.

Flutterbot said...

Yeah! See what I mean theres Babe, Wilbur... um.. Arnold(green Acres)..

But seriously, your a foody and your in Malaysia you can't be expected to stop eating pig! :) I'll do it for us both.

Anonymous said...

i actually googled "baby pig" and found this lol !! :D

and all because of my dream last night.. i dreamt that i had a little baby pig as pet. it was a little pink pig with three black spots on its back. <3

i myself made that same decision not to eat pig anymore and i looooved bacon... so it was hard but i've been pig free for over a year now :) and i feel much better now! since i love pigs so much and they are super cute!