Follow-up to Modest Mouse at United Palace

Ok first of all the United Palace kicks ass! Its beautiful its big without being too big. Its interior is really something to see. The United Palace is a church by day and concert venue by night so the marquee reads the name of the presiding reverend not the bands.

Knowing that this is a church we were worried that we might not get booze.. But the nice folks at the Bowery who sponsor the events would not let that happen. However come with lotsa cash if your hoping to drink because the booze are kinda pricey. They actually didn't' have booze they had only beer and wine, and other non alcohol beverages. A beer will set you back $7 and its not even pint size, and the wine $8 and its a pretty good portion. Also the bathrooms were not at all crowded I never once had to wait more than a couple of minutes for a toilet.

So let me take a step back and start at the beginning. After you get past the annoying guy screaming out rules of what you can or can't do upon entering you see a HUGE beautiful room with very intricate walls, and lighting and floors. You see a ton of people standing around in groups, you see a line of tables chock full of full glasses of wine and beer and a TON of Staff either running around or blocking every entrance. However they were all very nice and helpful. Our seats were about the third teer up which wasn't' disappointing at all, I mean I would not have complained if I was in the first 10 rows but like I said our seats were fine.

The sound quality left a bit to be desired there was quite a bit of feed back during Modest Mouse's performance and I kinda felt like it was too loud to really even hear.. Which is normal in a live music venue but I was kind of hoping that it wouldn't be that way there. At any rate. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Modest Mouse can do no wrong, they played a good mixture of songs from their last three albums. The overall performance was really, really good despite my complaints of the sound quality I certainly enjoyed the overall experience and I would even venture to say that that might possibly be my most enjoyable concert experience ever.

The end.

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