Home & Dry

Have I mentioned that San Francisco is the best city on earth? In fact, I'll do ya one better, San Francisco is by far the most peaceful major metropolitan city in the world. Oh, but since I've never been out of the US I guess I should say, in America. And well, since I haven't really been to every major metropolitan city in American I should say that its the most peaceful one that I've ever been to. You know, just to be clear.

Anyway, since I've been back for good, I've felt centered, I've felt peaceful, I've felt at home, even though I don't exactly have a home just yet. But that's OK I still quite like it here. (can ya tell?)

I won't leave again! Leaving turns me into a monster, and nobody likes monsters right?



Top Chef!

My oh so new and neglected food blog about Top Chef.

Oh but don't fret! I'm moving from coast to coast right now so I'm just preoccupied. Rest assured that I have a whole folder full of food pictures, and stories and recipes to go along with them!


I was there!

Yes I was under the same roof with Kevin Rose, my hot geek crush... sadly I'm not alone in that, he has a slew of girls crushing on him.. :(

P.S. I know the window is too big but I just don't care ;)

For git about et!

I'm moving back to San Francisco. Well, not exactly SF, I'm going to go with the 'more bang for the buck' path and move to Oakland. I've got an artist's loft pinned down and am in the works of dealings with the owner.. Thing is, I'm phone-less, and in Brooklyn... its a sketchy situation....

So on the other hand, I was walking through Cobble Hill today, its a neighborhood in Brooklyn. There were these two, young, 20 something people on the street. They were stopping people asking them to sign a petition to support good change for the environment. Now I'm not gonna lie, being broke most of the time, I steer clear of them and smile and say, "no I'm sorry, I'm broke". But today something caught my eye, one of them was being yelled at by some snarky, old school, old man, with an intense Brooklyn accent. I only caught the tail end of his rants, only noticing it because of the expression on the poor girl's face, which clearly showed how uncomfortable he was making her...

What I heard was this, "The environment!!! How is me signing a piece of paper going to help the environment? _And_ furthermore... are you doing this for that black man Obama who jokingly is running for presidency? Anyone in their right mind won't help to lead him to victory... A black man can't lead a free nation!

The girl saw two other people approaching her and turned her back to him after that comment, and continued doing her job. Not an easy job either, its not like cold calling, where your simply a voice on a phone and can usually shrug off the rejection. She is staring these people in the face and taking the rejection as she looks them in the eye.

Now I don't know this girl maybe she is doing it because she truly believes in the cause, maybe she's doing it because she really needs some money. Either way I admire her strength.. She deserves every penny she makes..

Anyway, I continue walking, and as luck would have it, I'm right behind mister racist man of the year. He stops to talk to a man who believe it or not, is even older than him, sitting outside an apartment building, on a folded, chair drinking iced tea, his cute black lab at his side, both enjoying the shade. And says out of nowhere, "Can you believe people are supporting this clown? A black man can't run our country! At least they got a little smart and realized a woman definitely can't run our country!" It sort of confused me, I can't tell if this poor unfortunate bystander knew the guy from the neighborhood or just happen to be caught in the line of fire. The guy on the chair didn't respond and the ogre of a man moved on mumbling under his breath... "4 years with a black man at the helm, for git about et!"

And I'm truly not kidding about the 'forget about it' part, he must have said that like 15 times during all the rants I heard him give.

Ah yeah gotta love New York.. Or if your like me, you have a love hate relationship and can't wait to get back home to the bay area!

On another note, I took a bunch of photos of Red Hook a few weeks back. When I'm finished editing the sizes of them I'll post my little photo journey through the neighborhood its quite nice.. its been my favorite place to live in NY thus far. Though I'm probably leaving at the best time.. Ikea, less than 1 mile away is opening in one week.. Um, except it would be cool to say that you can walk to Ikea from your home no?