Baby Birds and the Wonders of Life

A baby bird fell out of his nest two days ago into my backyard. My son and my friend ran in to tell me and I immediately began shouting commands. "Cory! You get on google and find me a number for wild bird rescue". "Barbie! you go upstairs and get me a spatula and some paper towels!" Yes, as you can probably tell I take things WAY too seriously. I care too much.. it destroys me. They eventually convinced me to leave the bird be and I let them take him outside, in the basket that I created a final resting place for him in. I checked the next day, he died. The day before though.... he grabbed my finger with his little bird foot. And I think, in that one touch, in that one encounter I at least transfered my "I truly care" feelings on to him, he will now be recycled in "GODS GREAT WONDERLAND" whatever the FAAAK that is.


Keyboard cuties

Why encountering a 404 error on Craigslist can never make me angry.....

Not Found

There is nothing here

No web page for this address

404 Error

( return to )
( craigslist )
( homepage? )
O ^__^
o (oo)\_______
(__)\ )\/\
||----w |
|| ||

I was trying to open an ad under the free category
for a coldfusion construction kit. Normally I'd be
irritated at the 404 error I got when opening this
ad because I really, really want a coldfusion
construction kit but gosh darnit! he's just too
frickn cute! I'll take him instead.

By the way I did the spell check on his post and
it turns out his eyes are spelled wrong!

NOW Watch

NOW Watch

I want this because I usually don't really care what time it is... well unless I have to go to work which I don't really ever want to do so I'd really rather never know what time it is.. all that matters is WHEN it is. (via ThisOne)

Fighting the Evil Minions of the Vast Machine

I just learned that my birthday is exactly in the middle of the year. Its the 182 day of the year, 183 on leap year. That means there are 182 days left till the end of the year fascinating! Oh and it always falls on the same day as New Years day except for leap year. Another fascinating tidbit.

Also I learned that Kerwin Mathews died on July 5th. Kerwin was best known for his roll as Sinbad in The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, the one where he engages in a sword fight with an animated Skeleton. Anyway, I met Kerwin a few years back he and his partner Tom used to bring their cats into the clinic I worked in. He was seriously the sweetest man always smiling and friendly to everyone, he also sent us yummy candy during the holidays!

Actually several famous people used to go to that animal clinic. I met Armistead Maupin, Tracy Chapman, Ashley Judds personal assistant, James Hormel the heir of the famous Hormel estate, as in Hormel Chili. Thats all I can think of at the moment...

Anyway, I also learned that the very day I was born Betty Grable died.

Can you tell I've been spending time on Wikipedia again? Its terribly addictive. Oh yeah and so far today there has been one death of note, an opera singer who actually shot himself in the head a while back but his girlfriend found him and he was rushed to the hospital where he was put on life support. They unplugged the life support two days ago, he died early this morning.

Aligator Lizards in the Air.

I'm currently reading this book called "Permanent Californians" its basically a literary tour through some of California's best known cemeteries. Then a brief biography of some of the notable residents. It starts in LA at the Westwood cemetery where the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Buddy Rich, Natalie wood and Heather O'rourke are buried and ends in Colma California aka "city of the dead" where its said that the dead out number the living by a thousand to one. This is my second time reading this book I find it morbidly interesting. The authors also wrote Permanent New Yorkers and Permanent Parisians. I'll pick them up next.

At the moment I'm compiling a list of my all time favorite songs I'll post it here in a few days..

I fell down and split open my chin recently :( I swear I must be the clumsiest girl EVER!

well thats my update be back in a few.


I'm going to get you my pretty....

Ok maybe my last two anger fueled posts were a bit over the top. However I was reading about the Broadway play called "Wicked" today. Its the pre-story of the witches of wizard of oz, and ironically I was headed on the same path as The Wicked Witch of the West. Her name was Elphaba and Elphaba was a do-gooder, but everything she did backfired. The lyric from the song she sings is "no good deed goes unpunished" So she decided to never do any good deed ever again, and thats how she became The Wicked Witch of the West.

Whats even MORE ironic is when I was little I had a series of reoccurring dreams that were all of The wicked witch of the west chasing me up an electric tower with a butcher knife.. I mean as if being chased by a witch wasn't scary enough, she had to bring along that knife. I mean one of those flying monkeys alone would have even done the trick. Anyway the fact that she was only able to use one hand to climb gave me the advantage, but the fact that I mysteriously couldn't use my voice gave her the advantage. I would open my mouth and scream with all my might, and not a peep came out.. Also each dream picked up where the other left off. Apparently we were on the 8th wonder of the world; The ONLY electric tower that expands into space and beyond! Luckily I grew up before we got to space.. I think I mean I really don't know because it was always dark.. but then again I don't ever remember zero gravity so there ya go.

Small explaination..

Sorry about my cryptic rant over the weekend. Basically I was nice to a few people (strangers in the neighborhood) and it came back to bite me in the ass.. I'm now learning the hard way why its just not worth it. Thats why I just added to my 43 things list, make better decisions, in other words decide not to be nice to random strangers.. I'm all done, no smiles, no hello's no good mornings, no friendliness what so ever unless I know you or your a friend of a friend, or we happen to be blogging buddies from all parts of the world ;) you know who you are.

As of today I am making that decision, its going to be hard because its in my nature but its just not worth it in the end.


!!!!! - rewind, rethink, re-evaluate.

remember random acts of kindness? they don't matter.. don't bother, it only makes your situation worse. look out for yourself and no one else. caring about others, about strangers in this day and age is only going to lead to trouble.

July two

Since yesterday was my birthday I have decided to start a Wiki Birthday Meme because it sounds pretty interesting. Heres how it works, go to Wikipedia type in your birthday (only month and day). Then you list 3 events, 2 births, 1 holiday, and then you tag 5 friends.

July 2


1776 - John Hancock signs Declaration of Independence

1947 - An object speculated to be a UFO crashes near Roswell, New Mexico, though the United States Air Force claims it is a weather balloon.

1998 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was released to the public as the second installment to the Harry Potter book series.


1964 - José Canseco, Cuban baseball player
1986 - Lindsay Lohan, American actress


Canada Day. Under the Holidays Act, Canada Day is always observed on July 1 unless that date falls on a Sunday, in which case it is observed on July 2

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