Perplexing Meal Desicions; Be warned; This is SO interesting you may want to read it over and over and over again..

Since I'm on the subject of food, and its past lunchtime and I have no money I've been thinking about my strange needs regarding different types of food. When I do have money to get lunch its such a tough decision. When I can't decide (which is everyday) my default lunch is salad. Even though this neighborhood has some pretty good, reasonable options my daily lunch decision is hindered by what I require based on the meal.. See below

Salad = bottle of vinegar
Mexican = Limes
Sub Sandwich = banana wax peppers
The buffalo blue = crystal hot sauce

Let me explain-

I'll start with Salad since its my default. Its my default because I require some sort of vinegar for my salads. I prefer either red wine or just plain white. And I'm not looking to put a few drops of it on my salad I want my veggies swimming in it.. no joke. So I always have a bottle of vinegar on my desk at work.

Sometimes I consider getting tacos or taco salad but in order to eat either of those things actually any kind of Mexican food I require about 3 limes. Again I don't want just a few drop I want the food to be soaked in lime juice. Of course most restaurants in New York don't offer as many limes and I require, so then I have to make an extra trip to the grocery store, then get back to work and clumsily cut the limes at my desk with a plastic knife. So yeah, if I can't have limes I won't eat Mexican. So I just go get a salad

Occasionally I consider a sandwich, usually I'll go to Blimpies or subway depending on how much money I have, what kind of sandwich I want, and what kind of peppers they happen to have that day.. When I get one of these sandwiches I require those pickled banana wax peppers and I mean a TON I love them. A sandwich isn't a sandwich without them. If I can't get them I don't want a sandwich.. So I go get a salad

mmm... I could eat a whole jar..

And finally the other lunch item I occasionally think about getting is called the Buffalo blue. The buffalo blue is a sandwich on country bread with grilled chicken w/spicy buffalo sauce, tomato, shredded lettuce and blue cheese dressing. I usually end up just eating the contents of the sandwich and leaving the bread, but anyway so for this sandwich I require a bottle of Crystal hot sauce because they never put enough sauce to meet my needs. Actually, I'm sure I'd be hard pressed to find any place that would drench my sandwich in my favorite hot sauce. I usually keep a bottle of it at my desk as well so I get this more than every so often.

AND thats just lunch you should see what I require for all of my other meals!
I'm sure this is a boring read but its good I got it out there.

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