Where the heck did it go to?

I looked, under the couch
Between the cushions
In the junk drawer
In the dog's bed
In the freezer
In my sock drawer
Under the porch
I even check the neighbors house..

and totally couldn't find it...

thats because I forgot to check my head..

Sheesh I STILL haven't learned anything from all those years of losing my sunglasses....

Wait! I have a great idea! If they add magnetic strips to it, I can also keep track of my keys!

via - American Inventor Spot

Strange Holidays, Polar Bears and Global Warming

February 27 is . . . . International Polar Bear Day. According to this calendar.

So go hug your neighborhood Polar Bear.

And while your at it, how about doing your part to stop Global Warming? Do it for the bears...

I'm Bored x{

I'm bored...

3 Fail-Safe Ways to Feel Pretty

1. Clear Nail polish
2. Deep red lips - red lipstick, benetint... and yes kool-aid stains count
3. Heels that click when you walk.

Faith The Adorable Biped Dog

This is just too cute to not write about. And you know how I love dogs. I came across a link to this video. There are two actually, one of Faith on Montel and one on Oprah. Faith had to learn how to walk on two legs because she was born without her two front legs. And she does!

How adorable is she? Oh also her owner wrote a book called With a Little Faith (Second Ed.) ISBN: 142-57-1849-3. You can get it on Amazon.

If I were a tee I'd be one of these

I just discovered my new favorite T-Shirt Site.. Super-mondo-fabuloso-epic-alicious-ness. I want them all! All of them.. ALL!

<-- is 99 Luftballons by Ross Zietz

<-- Happy Creatures! by Ben Tardif

<-- is Lil' Soap by Jess Fink

<-- is Fake Pandas Have More Fun by Roberto Gálvez

<-- is Nuts! by Barnaby Bocock

And my personal favorite - is You've Got Some 'Splaining To Do! by A. Wilhite

Anyway, go get me one :)

wha??...........um.. ok

The end <--- click me


Beautiful short film by a coworker of mine, go here to read more about it..

Smell Ya Later

Niiiiiice! This is really funny. An air filter for your ass! HA! Ok so, I found this on This Next
Basically this company is using activated charcoal fabric to act as a filter for foul gas odor. hahaha..

They have some interesting things... from this chair pad-

to this....(?)

I can think of a few people I would like to have discover this new technology.. ooh ooh actually maybe they should put them in elevators, I can't tell you how many times I walk into the elevators in this building only to be met with a very unpleasant smell..

Oh wait! I wonder if they make them for dogs? My dog has the worst gas EVER.. she clears out rooms.. seriously.. People would probably ask what she's wearing and I'd tell them, "its her 'butt filter'"



I wonder if they still make this stuff....

Happy V Day!

I really do......

Self Diagnosis and Solutions

I have two major problems, (I most likely have several more that I'm not yet privy to).Oh but don't worry they're not life threatening, well I hope not.. I suffer from Chronic Tardiness and I'm Geographically Challenged. I'm pretty sure that neither of them have any known cures.

Those who know me, know this about me, and if they are really close to me they also hate this about me. Which in my opinion is just mean. Seriously they are conditions that I have absolutely no control over. I think NYU Medical Center should do studies. I'd participate. That way I can carry around my Doctors note that will say the following:

For the Chronic Tardiness condition-

To Whom it may concern,

It is unlawful to hold Miss Kay Oss responsible for tartness at anytime.
She suffers from a little known condition called "Chronic Tardiness".
This condition causes its sufferers to be tardy to everything all the time.

It is advised that you not scold, reprimand or even mention the condition in front of the sufferer as it commonly causes the sufferer embarrassment and on occasion very serious reactions.

If you would like to learn more about this condition, you can contact The Center for Chronic Tardiness studies, or log on to www.ccts.org.

Dr. Blah Blah

and for The Geographically Challenged it would go something like this-

To Whom it may concern,

It has been discovered that Miss Kay Oss has a rare condition that unfortunately renders her Geographically Challenged. It is advised that you NEVER leave her responsible for;
A. Knowing what direction she is traveling at any time
B. Not being able to find any physical location EVER!
C. Not knowing the first thing about reading a Map.

It is also advised to never get angry if she repeatedly takes you in the wrong direction. (it was your fault for continuing to let her lead you)

If you would like to learn more about this condition you may contact The Center for the Geographically Challenged" or log on to www.cgc.com

Dr. Blahblah Blah

< /KO >

Anna Nicole Smith is Dead

Guys! This is terrible. What a sad, sad life. Her poor baby girl. I feel horrible. But also a bit worried..... I took the Trimspa challenge!.. Oh no. Do you think that was why? I just wanted to be envied. Is that selfish? Someone dies and I worry about myself. :(... What is WRONG with me?

Seriously though, its really sad, she was only 39.

I tried to include a picture of her, but when I did a google search for images 30% of them were naked, and I'm at work, and people sit behind me and now I must look like a big perv... again somehow was able to bring that back to myself.... sheesh.

Social Network Explosion!

Seriously, you can turn anything into a social network. But I like it.. Two sites I've become wrapped up in lately are Community Walk and This Next. I'll start with Community walk, its basically google maps that lets you create your own Poi's, paths, maps of say... everywhere you lived in Manhattan, or a walking path to all of your favorite bars in the Lower East side. They are then shared by category, or tags. I started one for my hood My Map .

This Next is a social online shopping network. Think of it like amazon lists, but not limited to just one website. You create your profile then create your list, lets say I'll call my Geeky Girly Things. Then in my list I will link photo of the item I want to share and write a small description, or quote the description from the website. Then you categorize and tag your items and list, and people either comment or just simply shop, also you can link to items in other peoples lists, then boom! your connected. I have nothing on my list as of yet but if you wanna be my shopping buddy you can find me here

I like friends so be my friend EVERY
WHERE!. ok. thank you. bye.

Update: I think I have capped my social network tollerance.. I'm a member of a whopping 23... How does this sort of thing happen? Is it like an addiction? Will I have to go to social networkers anonymous? I think its certianly heading in that direction.. help! ps. have you seen Twitter? so fun! Um except have no friends yet so I feel dumb updating.. go find me!


If I Can Make it There, I Can Make it Anywhere..

I've been a new Yorker for 2.2 years, and I still have some questions...

New Yorkers,

  1. Why do you insist on getting your cup of coffee in a paper bag?
  2. Why do the bodegas give me a straw no matter what I buy?
  3. Wait and why do you call them bodegas?
  4. Why do you regularly risk you life by darting out into the street in front of a Yellow cab traveling at least 45 mph?
  5. Why does McDonalds deliver?
  6. Why do you walk so damn fast?
  7. Where the hell are you going in such a hurry?
  8. Why does it now piss me off to get stuck behind a "slow walker"?
  9. How the hell do you manage to speedwalk through the city and into and out of the subways in 4 inch high heeled shoes?
  10. Why aren't there more Trader Joes?
  11. Oh! Oh! and why is Two-Buck-Chuck $2.99? Thats not two bucks!
  12. What the hell is a fall out shelter?
  13. Why is it so hard to find yellow mustard? I hate this deli crap!
  14. How do you live without real Mexican food?
  15. Why aren't there cross town Subways Uptown?
  16. How do you stand the frigged winter weather?
  17. How do you stand the sweltering heat in the summer?
  18. Why aren't there more cute little espresso cafes?

I like it here but it will never be a dear to me as my beloved San Francisco.

Have You Seen This?

Sigh... Gootube I love you..

Boston... Boston... Boston... wtf is wrong with you?

Whatever it is I hope its not contagious.
Well Guerrilla Marketers, it may have cost Turner Media a bit more than they bargained for, and it may not all have gone to you... but well done! That little stunt got AWESOME media coverage. I applaud you!

Now I can get one of these.....

I want one

Also, who does your hair?

Handled perfectly.

< /KO >

My Book Report on Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by: Me!

Remember my earlier post about Dailylit? Well I just finished reading 'Incidents in the life of a slave girl written by herself' it was sent to me in segments. Here's the thing, I love the idea of reading a book in segments, but the problem is that I cannot do that. What happened was I started reading the first segment when I finished that segment I noticed a link at the bottom to get the next segment emailed immediately so, I clicked that then started reading the next as soon as it came. Then I finished that one and clicked for the next, and again and again. THEN, at the end of the day I clicked that link over and over and over and printed those that came to me and read them on the train.

Don't get me wrong I am so happy I have this option, however I now see that I cannot use dailylit the way it was intended. I still love the service its a virtual library, and I never have to worry about late fees!

I highly suggest reading it though! Seriously it is SO good, it was written by Harriet Jacobs. Jacobs was born into slavery, her parents were both mulatto slaves working for different masters. When Harriet became of age she became a slave to the Norcom family. She suffered nearly a decade of sexual harassment by her master Dr Norcom before she ran away. Her main motivation was not a selfish one, she ran away with the hopes of freeing her two young children from slavery, by southern law they were also owned by the Norcom family and would become working slaves or sold when they were old enough to be useful. She endured many years of hardships and then came out a writer, an abolitionists, a loving mother, and a loyal friend to many.

In those days being a slave meant that you were not a human you were property. This meant that the slaves had no rights and in most cases mothers would lose their children and husbands and wifes were separated when the slave holders decided to sell them to the slave traders.
This book recounts some of the horrors that most slaves endured over the years. Some were beaten until blood ran down to their feet, some were beaten then dragged through fields behind horses, some were starved to death, some were raped, and so on.

While reading I was horrified, sad, happy, nervous, horrified again, sad again and then Happy. I highly recommend it. So go.. go to dailylit and get your first segment.

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I totally love the fact that they say "tricked out in gay or fashionable finery"