Searching for My Mini Fame

You google your name right? I mean everyone does it at least a few times a year. So when I google my name I get a wide array of results. Doesn't help that my last name is a real word, but my first name is spelled in a way that most people wouldn't spell it.

Anyway it turns out it links to my blog that I kept for 6 years on diaryland a lot, as well as all those other things I had to use my real name to sign up with. It also leads to a site created by the bosses with my work contact info for when we hold these live events and people need real time technical help, I hate that. That means that anyone who knows my first and last name can google me and get my work number and extension
and its the first result right up there at the very top! ugh.

Anyway it also turns out that there is at least one computer user in the world with my first and last name and a few computer users in the world with my first and middle name. Then we have all the stragglers with just my first name one girl is even a very famous porn star!

There is this sense of satisfaction when you see many many links to your own stuff or even more what someone wrote about you. Unless of course its press about a crime you did, which isn't the case for me.. really, its not! um.. ok bye.

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