They Say Its Your Birthday, Its My Birthday Too!

Well today isn't my birthday but we're going to celebrate today with a bbq. Its officially on Monday. I don't know why but I LOVE my birthday even though every year I wait for it with anticipation and its a huge let down I still love my birthday. I also feel like its such a feminine date, July two isn't it? That's how I say it as well most would say July second, but I prefer July Two.

So about this
iphone madness. Yeah I know everyone else is talking about it, you can't go 2 minutes without hearing about it anywhere the past few months. So the NYC Apple stores got crazy there were as many news vans as there were people in line. I heard the front of the line smelled funny, go figure. The San Francisco Apple store on Market street had clowns who set up a mini, mini golf to entertain the crowd.

More about the coming out ceremony of the

One, if you were getting your phone anywhere other than the Apple store you were limited to just one phone per customer, if you did happen to get it at the Apple store you were limited to only two. TWO?? Who can even afford one?

Two, I heard that after purchasing the phone and getting home to set it all up people waited on hold with AT&T longer than they waited in-line to get the thing.

Three AT&T freaked out over the
possibility of violent iPhone line-waiters so they beefed up security. Turns out that the media were the ones they should have worried about more "when the first iPhone purchasers emerged from the store, reporters started to grab at them." However when the same happened at the Apple store, Apple employees clapped and cheered according to the Gothamist - "With helicopters circling overhead and the NYPD stationed on Fifth Avenue, the excitement reached a fever pitch when Apple employees started getting the line ready. Then cheering began when the doors opened. And when customers left with an iPhone in hand, a receiving line of Apple employees cheered and congratulated them when they left"

Anyway I won't be getting one. I can't afford that crap as a matter of fact the only reason I have an iPod is because I happened to get one for my birthday last year OH see how I brought that back around? So yeah and its only a one gig, I hear people say, yeah I remember my first ipod back in 2002 it was only a gig and I'm like, um... right.. mines brand new and its only a gig, but that's all that could be afforded... I'm like that kid who wears the KMart brand tennies to school right? The one who wears Jordache instead of Guess... :(

Oh well what can you do
that's my life and I am just fine with it.

Lil' BoheMia's Beginnings

My new favorite artiste! Lil' BoheMia's Beginnings How cute is she?

oh and here is my recent works of art, not nearly as good as Mia's but close

() () () ()
(>'-'<) >( '-' )<
(^,, ,,^) (,, ,,)
well blogger wont let me keep my bunnies aligned but you get the jist.

Happy Wednesday!

My Very First Summer Solstice resolution

While I was in the shower this morning I was planning what I was going to write about in my blog today but then I got on my bike and biked to work (for the very first time) and I totally forgot. The ride was roughly eight miles along the Hudson bike trail. I'm not gonna lie, it was tough, and my rear started hurting from the seat right around Chelsea but I did it! AND you know what? I'm not afraid to do it again that is AWESOME! Seriously it was much better than the smelly old stuffy, rat infested subway.

So.... Happy first day of summer!

Oh yeah! so I've decided to make a summer solstice resolution, since I no longer make resolutions on New Years Eve because I never keep them anyway. Lets see how I do with the summer solstice resolutions. I have a good feeling about this one. The resolution is to ride my bike as much as possible to and from work. I'd like to do it daily but that may be ambitious we'll see how my legs feel tomorrow!

Also did you know that every year thousands of people go to Stone Henge for summer solstice celebration? I have never celebrated summer solstice and I think I'd like to start doing that.

Anyway maybe my original ideas from this morning will come to me.

Funny of the day

Four Eyed Monsters - support the film

I came across this movie the other day on Gearlive. Its this really amazing movie made by Arin Crumley and Susan Buice, a couple who met online then made this film about their experiences together. I loved it so much I've watched it three times. Also if you sign up for a free account at ( it'll donate a dollar towards their credit card bills which were exhausted from making the film.
just an fyi. the film is 71 minutes long.


8 Random Things - Tag

I was tagged by DaydreamSupercollider to post eight random things about myself, it was surprisingly hard but here is what I came up with.

1. I'm never on time to anywhere ever

2. I hate talking on the telephone.

3. I've never been out of the country

4. One Christmas I ate an entire book of lifesavers candy (thats about 8 rolls) of which I ended up throwing up the rest of the day

5. Sleeping is my least favorite thing to do

6. I don't believe in killing anything. Let me elaborate, I do eat meat, but I wouldn't if I had to be the one to kill the animals (hypocritical I know) What I really meant by this is I don't kill bugs and I don't like it when other people do.

7. Pink is my favorite color

8. Fruity pebbles is my favorite cereal

oh and 9. (daydreamsupercollider) The sticker is due today, I don't think I'm actually going to make the deadline :(

Morbid Curiosity Killed the Cat

What I'm doing at the moment is.... still creating that sticker.. Damn! faking creativity is hard! Sort of working, I mean I am at work, and reading the recent deaths on clear my head.

I find it so fascinating. Its one way that people can be remembered after they are gone, a quick note explaining something noteworthy about them. Not only do they tell you name, birthday, what they were known for and how they died but they tell you who died today, everyday. When I clicked the link this morning, I found that four people had already died today. Don't get me wrong, I don't read it everyday, I'm no goth or totally obsessed with death, thats why I read it every other day ;)

Deaths of note, in other words deaths I remember because of who they were, how old they were, what they did or how they died are:

Stack Bundles, American, rapper, shot.
Before today I had never heard of him. He died tragically at the age of 24.

Frankie Abernathy, American, cast member of The Real World: San Diego cystic fibrosis
She was also too young too die, I never watched The real world: San Diego, but the wikipedia entry
about her says it was obvious during the time of taping that her health was deteriorating.

Edwin Traisman, American food scientist, who developed McDonald's French fries and helped develop Cheez Whiz, heart attack
McDonald's french fries and Cheez Whiz!! a match made in heaven this man was a genius! mmmm gooey cheese fries. (not trying to be morbid at all seems like he had a nice long life)

Steve Gilliard, 42, American blogger heart kidney failure
A progressive blogger from New York, and editor and publisher of The News Blog

John Pike, 23, American Ra Ra Riot drowned
What a horrible tragedy, when you go to the wikipedia entry for Ra Ra Riot it mostly talks about his death, when you go to Ra Ra Riots website the latest news is a brief blurb about the incident and their mourning.

Kelsey Smith American kidnapping and murder victim
Unthinkable, this sort of thing makes me ill. I'm so sorry for her and her family. Kidnapped and killed at the age of 18 horrifyingly tragic.

Ernest Hofstetter, 95, Swiss pioneer climber of Mount Everest
Quite an achievement. I've always wanted to climb a mountain, well actually no, I used to want to climb a mountain, now I'm just too lazy.

Tony Thompson, 31, American lead vocalist of the R&B group Hi-Five, apparent drug overdose.
I think they were best known for "I swear" I mean when I think of Hi-Five that song starts to play in my head. hmm guess I better google that.

Pamela Low, 79, American flavorist who created the coating for Cap'n Crunch
I wonder exactly how similar a flavorist is to a perfumist or is it smellist? Its all science right?

Shinichi Yamazaki, 76, Japanese public official implicated in recent bid-rigging, possible suicide by jumping
Adding to Japans enormous suicide rate.

Barbara Cox Anthony, 84, American heiress to Cox Enterprises and 45th-richest person in the world, after long illness
Its really very sad that she struggled for so long.

David Lane, 68, American neo-Nazi leader and author
Neo Nazi? Strange it doesn't say how he died.

Marquise Hill, 24, American football player for the New England Patriots in the NFL, drowning.
His Wikipedia entry says that he was riding a jet ski with a friend when they both fell off, neither wearing a life jacket, his friend was rescued by coast guard but they could not locate Marquise. He is also noted for spending a lot of time in New Orleans helping out after Katrina hit.

Ed Yost, 87, American inventor of the modern hot air balloon.
I've never ridden in one but if it weren't for him we wouldn't have this

Arwon, 33, New Zealand-born racehorse, longest surviving Melbourne Cup winner, euthanasia
Euthanasia :( I'm sure they had a good reason, and the only reason I would consider good is if the horse was suffering from some terminal disease.

Christopher Newton, 37, American murderer, execution by lethal injection.
According to his Wikipedia article his death has recently riled controversy over the death penalty because it took over 2 hours and 10 attempts before he died. Mostly due to the fact that he was 265lbs and his veins were hard to find.

Robert Comer, 50, American murderer, execution by lethal injection.
May is also the month of lethal injections apparently

Harvey Weinstein, 82, American businessman, chairman of Lord West Formal Wear and 1993 kidnap victim
I totally remember the news stories surrounding his being kidnapped

Dayna Ho-Henry, 51, American daughter of famed Hawaiian singer Don Ho
Because I have a friend named( Danya not Dayna but similar) and because I was wondering if Don Ho was still around.

Philip Workman, 53, American murderer, execution by lethal injection
Hmmm read the wikipedia article, I don't know how I feel about this one.

Isabella Blow, 48, British fashion journalist and stylist, suicide by poisoning.
Very interesting lass its sad that she felt the need to kill herself it seems like she was liked by many and her eccentricity is just what the world needed.

Rose (goat)Rose Tombe, Sudanese celebrity goat, asphyxiation
I hate this story but it did catch my eye

Ok, I'm done. Back to my sticker.. oh and work I guess

Breif Hiatus

Sorry I'm MIA, I'm designing a sticker for Burning Man 2007, if its chosen it will go to 40,000 people! if its not :( I'm a loser.

I'll post it here when its done.

Potatoes in disguise

via :


oh man this is my favorite! Artoo Patatoo

“Racism isn't born, folks, it's taught. I have a two-year-old son. You know what he hates? Naps! End of list.” - Dennis Leary

Last night I was at a cute little french restaurant on the Lower East side called The Flea Market, having drinks and a small dinner with a friend when I noticed sitting just about 4 feet away from us was a table of 4 men, 1 of them happen to be Dennis Leary, as usual I was star struck. Thats what I love about New York. Turns out he's a bit smaller in person than he looks on TV.

The friend I was with didn't really know who he was so I was trying to explain who he was to her as I was explaining he was listening to me. I felt kinda bad because all I could say was, you know he's a stand up comedian from Boston, he's Irish, he was in a movie where he tied up a couple and held them hostage and now he's in some TV show about Firemen..

Yup! Hearing me describe him with that much detial must have made him feel really good.

Its not always skin deep

I have a horrible horrible mind disturbing head ache today. Its driving me absolutely crazy. Also, over the weekend I did what I like to call "girl maintenance" if your a girl you know what that means, if your a boy you may or may not, ask the girl closest to you.. Anyway, one word eyebrows. Seriously? Come on. I don't pay to get any type of beauty service. I do it all myself, plus I'm afraid of waxing and threading.

I hate to tweeze and since I'm drinking less than I used to it barely gets done. The reason is that I used to have a few drinks before I tweezed to take the edge off (yes if your thinking I'm a huge wimp your right)

Anyway this past weekend during my "girl maintenance" I attempted to tweeze but couldn't take it so I got out the ol trusty depilatory cream. I applied vaseline to the parts of the brow I wanted to keep and the depilatory cream to the parts I wanted gone.

Well I must have left it on too long because I now have a ton of these little red scabs where some of my hair follicles used to be. It specifically says in bold print "
DO NOT EXCEDE 10 MINUTES" I thought I didn't but I guess I was wrong. Now I have a set of red eyebrow shaped scarred skin patches above my normal eyebrows.

Just thought I'd share.

A Rant About My Disgust and Disappointment in our Troubled World.

Is anyone else troubled by the increasing news of Illicit police violence, Corruption among the US Government, People dying in a meaningless war, Mothers who murder children, Teachers Molesting Students, Clergy molesting children, Animals being treated cruel and experiencing horrible unthinkable deaths, and on and on.

When I review the list above I see one common denominator.... Abuse of power. Every one of those crimes involves an "Authoritative figure" and a those who look to them for safety. I know there are a ton of good people out there but the violence in the world is growing at a rate that I'm not sure any one of us is ready for.

There are things I read that I cannot get out of my head, headlines I read that wish I hadn't. In fact these same headlines haunt me for days and days. I read a headline about 6 months ago that I'll spare you, but it never left me. To this day when it crosses my mind it turns my stomach as other headlines often do.

My point is this, if we as humans are starting to wake up to all thats happening in our world, we are doing it
too slowly. All this stuff thats happening, meaning whats listed above is obvious, we all know its happening, but most of us think if its not happening to us then, we can ignore it. Not true. I'm afraid to read news headlines, because I'm afraid to see the horrible things that are happening everywhere because I can't face it, and because I alone can't fix it.

We can liken it to this; We are in a trash compactor that is slowly closing in on us, and we can't do a thing to stop it. [Think of the first Star wars, Han, Luke and Leia stuck in the compactor on Darth's ship] Except, we don't have droids helping us escape.

I recently started feeling really guilty about eating meat. I've spent my entire life eating meat, its always been ok with me. But now, faced with all the violence I'm starting to feel really guilty about my role in the violence towards animals that are bred purely for our consumption. I'd really rather not contribute to any to the violence in the world in any way.

Kidnapped children, human trafficking, spousal abuse, rape, hate crimes, harassment, the list is endless. Its really disheartening to be aware of such horrendous acts of humanity.