Guilty pleasures that sneak up on you

I'm working from home today, and in between checking emails and keeping up with correspondences I have been watching Judging Amy reruns. Turns out I'm really really enjoying it. It makes me happy, it makes me sad, sometimes even makes me scared. weird... Also most mornings I wake up turn on the tube before I get ready for work most likely run into the following shows; Charmed, Dawson's Creek, and Boy Meets World. I have found myself suddenly, and strangely engulfed in each of them at one time or another.

The other day on a Boy Meets World rerun, Cory and friends were on their senior sky trip. When Cory hurt his ankle on a bunny slope and had to spend the day inside. A young employee of the ski lodge took a liking to Cory and Cory to her even though
Tapanga was on the trip with him and obviously his girlfriend the girl didn't back down. At the end of the trip she openly expressed her feelings and left Cory with a card explaining how she felt... Tapanga found the card and..... To be Continued.... displayed on the screen.. dunno what happened after that..

The other day on a rerun of Dawson's Creek, Dawson's movie was going to be shown to a theater full of people for the very first time, and a well
renown film critic was to be there as well. Dawson ran into her before the show began, she was having a fight with her ex and he heard it all and proceeded to insult her because he thought she was a high maintenance, stereotypical girl who most guys regret being with... needless to say he finally figured out who she was and apologized, they had coffee and she came to watch the movie. Meanwhile Joey has decided to indulge on a prospective mutual crush and gets disappointed, while Casey and (blond girl forgot her name) play a game called how many people have you really slept with...

I'm going to stop there I could go on and give a synopsis of the last rerun of Charmed that I saw but my fingers are now stiff from typing.. Anyway my point is I used to steer clear from all this popular prime time TV stuff.. I was good at it but now its slowly creeping its way into my life, a little too late its hard to have
water cooler talks about shows that were hot 6-7 years ago when American Idol is all the rage...

eh.. oh well, it'll be a guilty pleasure like, old
Madonna, the spice girls and van halen.


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