Exactly a year ago....

...my attempt to be spontaneously poetic, I wrote;

Lost in rows of daffodils, I saw your eyes and they said, I walk as if encompassed in a frame.

It was fall and the weather was like cotton candy in my mouth.

The ocean's sparkles reflected the stars, and the stars reflected the white specks on a pigeon's wing.

The air brought me close to the trees that swung like clothes on a line.

My dreams last night were of spider webs that held me up in a cocoon stuck to a plaster wall, and the ladybugs were eating my hair.

I closed my eyes and saw the clock of my life winding down, and when the hands stopped, I died.

The road that leads you to nowhere

Ever have one of those days when there is so much on your mind, yet you have nothing to say.

When you're not sad, but not happy.

Overwhelming ambivalence.

You're simply there, participating in the day.

You have thoughts of days gone by, where you said so much and it meant so little.. Where your words just filled the air, then quickly floated away.

And what everyone else says has such significance, and penetrates your mind in ways that make you feel insipid.

When you're searching for your path but still spend your time meandering aimlessly.

Making plans that go nowhere.

Making friendships that dissolve instantly.

Making memories that you will soon forget.

Yet you keep searching, but you don't know what your looking for.

You keep wanting, but you don't know for what.

Your seduced by time, then time becomes a serpent which devours you alive.

Every thing in your life becomes a fleeting thought, experience, memory, feeling.

The beauty you felt.

The pain you saw.

The pleasure you experienced.

The moment you hoped would never pass, is gone, and you cannot summon the strength to repeat it.

You lay there starving, like a wilted flower, shriveling, yearning for the strength, and the beauty you once hoped to have, you once hoped to be.

A Beautiful Summer Sunset

The most wonderful place on earth to watch the sunset, as well as the sunrise.

Slacker Uprising New Micheal Moore Movie

Coming out Sept 23rd