World No Tobacco Day

Acording to Wikipedia. today May 31st is World No tobacco Day its officially my favorite day after my birthday.

So all you smokers and self-proclaimed non-smokers(who still smoke) try not to smoke today.

Hilarity Ensues!

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I know its old news but this is pretty funny.


Why does it always seem like your cats are rolling their eyes at you?

Mary Poppins vs Rancid!

I think I'd like to hear a punk version of Bibity Bobity Boo don't ask me why I was just thinking it would be funny. Ooooh or how about a Spoon Full of Sugar how awesome would it be to hear some hardcore punk band say "in the most delightful way!" Oh or how about Whistle While You Work. Wait has someone already done this?

Searching for My Mini Fame

You google your name right? I mean everyone does it at least a few times a year. So when I google my name I get a wide array of results. Doesn't help that my last name is a real word, but my first name is spelled in a way that most people wouldn't spell it.

Anyway it turns out it links to my blog that I kept for 6 years on diaryland a lot, as well as all those other things I had to use my real name to sign up with. It also leads to a site created by the bosses with my work contact info for when we hold these live events and people need real time technical help, I hate that. That means that anyone who knows my first and last name can google me and get my work number and extension
and its the first result right up there at the very top! ugh.

Anyway it also turns out that there is at least one computer user in the world with my first and last name and a few computer users in the world with my first and middle name. Then we have all the stragglers with just my first name one girl is even a very famous porn star!

There is this sense of satisfaction when you see many many links to your own stuff or even more what someone wrote about you. Unless of course its press about a crime you did, which isn't the case for me.. really, its not! um.. ok bye.

Mac vs PC spoof SouthPark Style

Found this on The Thinking Blog

Oh dear......

I think I have cat vomit on my skirt... And yes I am aware of how insanely disgusting that is. Thats what happens when you don't put your clothes away after washing them and you get dressed in the dark :(


Discovered Yelp today.. I'm likin it! Its so much better than scouring the internet for reviews and ideas about what to eat or where. I like that the reviews come from real people not someone working for a company who might withhold a bad review because the place in name is affiliated with their sponsor. Well thats just one reason I like it, its pretty fun to assess the places I've been to recently and write up a review. Anyway, not feeling too chatty today so I'll end there but if you live in NYC be my yelp buddy.. if you don't but you might be visiting some day.. be my yelp buddy :)



Guilty pleasures that sneak up on you

I'm working from home today, and in between checking emails and keeping up with correspondences I have been watching Judging Amy reruns. Turns out I'm really really enjoying it. It makes me happy, it makes me sad, sometimes even makes me scared. weird... Also most mornings I wake up turn on the tube before I get ready for work most likely run into the following shows; Charmed, Dawson's Creek, and Boy Meets World. I have found myself suddenly, and strangely engulfed in each of them at one time or another.

The other day on a Boy Meets World rerun, Cory and friends were on their senior sky trip. When Cory hurt his ankle on a bunny slope and had to spend the day inside. A young employee of the ski lodge took a liking to Cory and Cory to her even though
Tapanga was on the trip with him and obviously his girlfriend the girl didn't back down. At the end of the trip she openly expressed her feelings and left Cory with a card explaining how she felt... Tapanga found the card and..... To be Continued.... displayed on the screen.. dunno what happened after that..

The other day on a rerun of Dawson's Creek, Dawson's movie was going to be shown to a theater full of people for the very first time, and a well
renown film critic was to be there as well. Dawson ran into her before the show began, she was having a fight with her ex and he heard it all and proceeded to insult her because he thought she was a high maintenance, stereotypical girl who most guys regret being with... needless to say he finally figured out who she was and apologized, they had coffee and she came to watch the movie. Meanwhile Joey has decided to indulge on a prospective mutual crush and gets disappointed, while Casey and (blond girl forgot her name) play a game called how many people have you really slept with...

I'm going to stop there I could go on and give a synopsis of the last rerun of Charmed that I saw but my fingers are now stiff from typing.. Anyway my point is I used to steer clear from all this popular prime time TV stuff.. I was good at it but now its slowly creeping its way into my life, a little too late its hard to have
water cooler talks about shows that were hot 6-7 years ago when American Idol is all the rage...

eh.. oh well, it'll be a guilty pleasure like, old
Madonna, the spice girls and van halen.


The Many Shades of Me

I'm getting my hair braided again this weekend. At lunch time today I'm going to get the synthetic hair and pick out the colors. I thought it might be fun to share the many colors and styles that I've had through the years.

The first time I braided my hair was back in 2002. I did it because I was going to BurningMan, for the first time. If your not familiar with Burningman, its a HUGE festival of sorts held way out in the Nevada desert.. Its really too hard to explain go to the website and check it out. Anyway, having curly hair I was afraid it would end up in dreads by the end of the week so I decided to braid it.

I've since braided it a countless number of times and have learned not only how to choose better colors but how to style it and such.. I though it might be fun to showcase some of the different colors and styles.

  • The 2002 theme at BurningMan was The floating World based around water and the color blue. As you can see I dove in head first (hardy har har)

  • This one I like to call my Indian corn because if you could see the colors close up thats exactly what it looked like.

  • This is my old faithful and probably what I'll be doing again tomorrow. The colors are pink, dark red and blonde.

  • This one is the same colors above the old faithful its just in a different style.

  • I decided to take old faithful and put a fire under its ass.. This is the florescent version of old faithful. And how I wore my hair to BurningMan last year.

  • This is the same as above post BurningMan the ambient light doesn't show it, but its pretty faded and pretty grown out..

The end.

Tinky Winky

The purple Teletubby can safely walk the streets again..


I have to get this I can't stop laughing its so funny!

The R.A.O.K project

I just had an idea, actually two ideas but I'm only going to focus on one right now. I'm going to start a new project called "The Random Acts of Kindness Project" I could have gone with a more creative title but I decided to stick to a more descriptive one.

Anyway I got this idea when I was downstairs just now taking a walk. I'm not sure what sparked this memory but; back when I lived in San Francisco I used to cross the Bay Bridge several times a week. On occasion I randomly gave the Bridge toll taker(?) what the heck are they called hmm. Anyway on occasion I would randomly pay for the car directly behind me. Just because you know. I thought it would be something that would become a chain of some sort. You know like I did it for someone then they would in turn do it and so on and so on.. Also I chose my bridge frugally the Golden Gate would have broken my bank acct you know what I mean?

I suppose that I would have to go looking for what this random act would be unless there are rare occasions when they are just obvious. It can't always have to do with money either since I have none. But I will be creative and come up with these random acts, then carry them out..

I'm thinking it might be a helpful way to improve my overall happiness as well.

The only other thing that worries me is that now that I am in New York my random acts of kindness might not be taken the same way that they are in the bay area you know? I mean I'm not just talking about giving up my seat on the subway to an elderly or pregnant person I already do that. Something more, something that people don't usually do for strangers..

Anyway I think you get my point. I'll post them when I do them.

Pay it forward

Sunset over New Jersey

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk to watch the sun go down. I was on the Manhattan side of the Hudson. As I watched the sun decending from the sky I was wondering why New Jersey gets such a bad rap when clearly the sun prefers to decend into it rather than Manhattan.

The sunset was the type that had huge beams of light shining down here and there. Every once and a while one of the beams would draw a reflective line across the river that was so bright it made my eyes water. While I was looking at those beams I couldn't help but wonder what parts of New Jersey were blessed with the the sun's last rays of the day.

I've decided that watching the sun go down across the Hudson is one of the coolest things I get to experience in my life. And... I'm so very happy that I have the capasity to recognize its beauty

Channeling My Inner Sweet Tooth with Cow Tails

I was in CVS yesterday, meandering about waiting for the pharmacy to fill a prescription, when I came across a candy called cow tails. I have never heard of them but it turns out they have been around for quite some time. Based on what they look like, I'm not sure I would ever want to eat one. On second thought I don't know why I'm being so picky I used to eat candy in the form of worms. I have even tried jelly bellies flavored as boogers, dirt and vomit.

While checking up on this cows tail candy thing-a-ma-jig, I came across oldtimecandy They sell lots of candy that I guess is hard to find. I wouldn't really know because I have not gone looking for these candies myself.

But I do remember those days of lemonheads. charlston chews, mambas and now n laters. Back then for me, it was more bang for my buck since I barely had any buck. So I went for either the boxes that cost me a quarter or the biggest candybar that was the exact same price as all the others.

Perplexing Meal Desicions; Be warned; This is SO interesting you may want to read it over and over and over again..

Since I'm on the subject of food, and its past lunchtime and I have no money I've been thinking about my strange needs regarding different types of food. When I do have money to get lunch its such a tough decision. When I can't decide (which is everyday) my default lunch is salad. Even though this neighborhood has some pretty good, reasonable options my daily lunch decision is hindered by what I require based on the meal.. See below

Salad = bottle of vinegar
Mexican = Limes
Sub Sandwich = banana wax peppers
The buffalo blue = crystal hot sauce

Let me explain-

I'll start with Salad since its my default. Its my default because I require some sort of vinegar for my salads. I prefer either red wine or just plain white. And I'm not looking to put a few drops of it on my salad I want my veggies swimming in it.. no joke. So I always have a bottle of vinegar on my desk at work.

Sometimes I consider getting tacos or taco salad but in order to eat either of those things actually any kind of Mexican food I require about 3 limes. Again I don't want just a few drop I want the food to be soaked in lime juice. Of course most restaurants in New York don't offer as many limes and I require, so then I have to make an extra trip to the grocery store, then get back to work and clumsily cut the limes at my desk with a plastic knife. So yeah, if I can't have limes I won't eat Mexican. So I just go get a salad

Occasionally I consider a sandwich, usually I'll go to Blimpies or subway depending on how much money I have, what kind of sandwich I want, and what kind of peppers they happen to have that day.. When I get one of these sandwiches I require those pickled banana wax peppers and I mean a TON I love them. A sandwich isn't a sandwich without them. If I can't get them I don't want a sandwich.. So I go get a salad

mmm... I could eat a whole jar..

And finally the other lunch item I occasionally think about getting is called the Buffalo blue. The buffalo blue is a sandwich on country bread with grilled chicken w/spicy buffalo sauce, tomato, shredded lettuce and blue cheese dressing. I usually end up just eating the contents of the sandwich and leaving the bread, but anyway so for this sandwich I require a bottle of Crystal hot sauce because they never put enough sauce to meet my needs. Actually, I'm sure I'd be hard pressed to find any place that would drench my sandwich in my favorite hot sauce. I usually keep a bottle of it at my desk as well so I get this more than every so often.

AND thats just lunch you should see what I require for all of my other meals!
I'm sure this is a boring read but its good I got it out there.

Pig decision... and not a moment too late er soon

I finally made the decision to stop eating pig. I was getting more and more guilt ridden with every piece of bacon I consumed.. Don't get me wrong bacon is good but pigs are cute and smart and I just hate contributing to the death of more than a trillion of pigs every year for human consumption.. Now if a vegetarian heard me say that they'd be like.. "all life forms are equal" or something like that.. and I'd retort, "yeah they are, but so far I can still eat cow and chicken and fish and not have that same guilt so I'm not ready to go that far with this"..

So what does not eating pig mean for me.. It means no crumbled bacon in my chef salad, it means no grilled pork loin skewers over couscous with feta sauce, it means all beef, chicken or turkey hot dogs and sausages, it means no more BLT's, no spicy pork rinds, no holiday ham... ho hum.. well I think that my life will go on without the aforementioned so Im ok with this decision.

I mean seriously do you want to eat this?

See! How cute are they?

Someone stop me!

I've discovered widgetbox and I've already created like 4 widgets and added them all over my social networking profiles! Man this is fun... Good thing the bosses are in a meeting... I created a blidget.. what is a blidget you say? Well its this-

I made several so far. I'm trying to control myself I promise, but there are so many to choose from and its so easy to do! see watch.. look up. Just above kitty kitty.. thats my widget to say what I love.. and everyone now knows that my first love is of course cheese. fun fun fun!


Random Things

I stole the April New York Magazine. from the doctors office this morning because I began reading a story in it about child prostitutes. Its one of those stories that you read and it sticks with you all day. Then every so often throughout the day your thoughts are taken back to the heaviness of that subject. I haven't finished the article yet. I plan to do that on the subway on my way home.

Earlier I kept thinking this phrase.. "If a strange man suddenly brings you flowers" I know its a commercial from the 80's I think it may be from a deodorant like Aarid extra dry.. Er wait was that "strong enough for a man but made for a woman" hmm. ... um anyway that got me thinking of commercial catch phrases from years ago like...

  • "hmm he never has a second cup"
  • "good to the last drop"
  • "don't squeeze the charmin!"
  • "You got your chocolate in my peanut butter............."
  • "The choice of a new generation"
  • "It's fun to tickle your tongue with fruit stipe gum" <-- I totally loved this stuff
  • "the "silver bullet" ... maybe its just me but that phrase doesn't make me think of beer ;)
  • "plop plop fizz fizz oh what a releif it is"

anyway thats all I can think of at the moment.

Often when I'm alone I like to blast some of my most embarrassing favorite songs and I even sing and dance to some of them.. below is a list of a few of them:

  • More than a feeling -Boston
  • If I close my eyes forever - Lita ford & Ozzy
  • Seasons change - Exposé
  • Don't go breakin my heart - Capt n Tennille
  • Love comes walking in - Van Halen
  • Poor some sugar on me - Def Leopard
  • When I'm with you - Sherrif
  • Mister Telephone man - New Edition
  • Pleasure Principal - Janet Jackson
  • He's so unusual - Cyndi Lauper
  • The Glamorous life - Sheila E
  • Anything from the Rocky horror Soundtrack(but mostly sweet transvestite) yeah um I dunno..

Damn I could go on for days.. anyway your not allowed to make fun.

Actually when I was little I used to line all of my stuffed animals up on the bed and call them "the audience" I would then stand on my wooden toy box or " my stage" and sing into the handle of the vacuum cleaner or "my microphone" :) and of course the gigantic teddy bear in the middle would be my love interest staring at me adoringly, while I would gaze deeply into his eyes as I belted out a ballad that was all about our love.. I seem to remember many many times morphing into Janet Jackson, Tiffani, Debbie Gibson, Expose, and Whitney Houston.. man those were the days..

end of thought-vomit session.

Flutterbot the.....Programmer?

I downloaded this cute little software program the other day that is designed to help beginning programmers learn the ins and outs of programming by taking a few simple lessons in the programming language called Ruby. Its called Hackety Hack they say that it can even get little kids interested in tinkering around with code. Ruby is very simple to understand and really fun to learn.

The software is free and if your interested in coding at all I guarantee you'll have fun while learning. This is what I do at work and I'm getting paid for it cuz they want me to learn woo!

Just wait I'll be creating Ruby apps in no time!

Follow-up to Modest Mouse at United Palace

Ok first of all the United Palace kicks ass! Its beautiful its big without being too big. Its interior is really something to see. The United Palace is a church by day and concert venue by night so the marquee reads the name of the presiding reverend not the bands.

Knowing that this is a church we were worried that we might not get booze.. But the nice folks at the Bowery who sponsor the events would not let that happen. However come with lotsa cash if your hoping to drink because the booze are kinda pricey. They actually didn't' have booze they had only beer and wine, and other non alcohol beverages. A beer will set you back $7 and its not even pint size, and the wine $8 and its a pretty good portion. Also the bathrooms were not at all crowded I never once had to wait more than a couple of minutes for a toilet.

So let me take a step back and start at the beginning. After you get past the annoying guy screaming out rules of what you can or can't do upon entering you see a HUGE beautiful room with very intricate walls, and lighting and floors. You see a ton of people standing around in groups, you see a line of tables chock full of full glasses of wine and beer and a TON of Staff either running around or blocking every entrance. However they were all very nice and helpful. Our seats were about the third teer up which wasn't' disappointing at all, I mean I would not have complained if I was in the first 10 rows but like I said our seats were fine.

The sound quality left a bit to be desired there was quite a bit of feed back during Modest Mouse's performance and I kinda felt like it was too loud to really even hear.. Which is normal in a live music venue but I was kind of hoping that it wouldn't be that way there. At any rate. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Modest Mouse can do no wrong, they played a good mixture of songs from their last three albums. The overall performance was really, really good despite my complaints of the sound quality I certainly enjoyed the overall experience and I would even venture to say that that might possibly be my most enjoyable concert experience ever.

The end.