Baby Birds and the Wonders of Life

A baby bird fell out of his nest two days ago into my backyard. My son and my friend ran in to tell me and I immediately began shouting commands. "Cory! You get on google and find me a number for wild bird rescue". "Barbie! you go upstairs and get me a spatula and some paper towels!" Yes, as you can probably tell I take things WAY too seriously. I care too much.. it destroys me. They eventually convinced me to leave the bird be and I let them take him outside, in the basket that I created a final resting place for him in. I checked the next day, he died. The day before though.... he grabbed my finger with his little bird foot. And I think, in that one touch, in that one encounter I at least transfered my "I truly care" feelings on to him, he will now be recycled in "GODS GREAT WONDERLAND" whatever the FAAAK that is.


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Jen said...

Oh, man. I'm sorry you lost him. I know "circle of life", blah, blah, blah. Still kind of sucks,though. My mom almost killed me when I brought home an injured seagull when I was a kid. At least she let me take it to a bird rescue. It's good that you care. Really.