Card Design

So I designed this business card (based on someone elses interest and tastes) but what do you think?


Jen said...

I'm not a fan of purple (that's a personal preference), but I love the graphic and the contrast between the colours. It reminds me a little of a bi-colour poster from the late 60's my mom used to have. I think it looks awesome!

Robot Lord of Tokyo said...

A business card from Kevin Mitnick's company:

Turtle Parade said...

It's very only critique is that I think the "hair on the go" should be separate from "by joy"

I too like how retro it looks.

Flutterbot said...

Jen - I totally agree Purple was all her. See now the set up of the card and where I put her slogan and info was me.

RLoT - I totally think I've seen one of those in person! Its awesome!

Hi Miss Turtle Parade! - I agree with you too, but thats the slogan she submitted, I suppose I could make that suggestion to her before production begins see what she thinks.

cheers all! many happy reads between us all and many, many others.

Jen said...

Hey, you got an award! Come over to my place to claim it.