Fighting the Evil Minions of the Vast Machine

I just learned that my birthday is exactly in the middle of the year. Its the 182 day of the year, 183 on leap year. That means there are 182 days left till the end of the year fascinating! Oh and it always falls on the same day as New Years day except for leap year. Another fascinating tidbit.

Also I learned that Kerwin Mathews died on July 5th. Kerwin was best known for his roll as Sinbad in The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, the one where he engages in a sword fight with an animated Skeleton. Anyway, I met Kerwin a few years back he and his partner Tom used to bring their cats into the clinic I worked in. He was seriously the sweetest man always smiling and friendly to everyone, he also sent us yummy candy during the holidays!

Actually several famous people used to go to that animal clinic. I met Armistead Maupin, Tracy Chapman, Ashley Judds personal assistant, James Hormel the heir of the famous Hormel estate, as in Hormel Chili. Thats all I can think of at the moment...

Anyway, I also learned that the very day I was born Betty Grable died.

Can you tell I've been spending time on Wikipedia again? Its terribly addictive. Oh yeah and so far today there has been one death of note, an opera singer who actually shot himself in the head a while back but his girlfriend found him and he was rushed to the hospital where he was put on life support. They unplugged the life support two days ago, he died early this morning.


Robot Lord of Tokyo said...

Happy belated birthday. Here is a bit of random/geeky bit of useless wikipedia knowledge:

(useless, because, as far as we know, there's not even a single Type I civilization in the universe)

Jen said...

Is there a psychological designation for Wiki-addiction? LOL Maybe you could be a first case study!