Keyboard cuties

Why encountering a 404 error on Craigslist can never make me angry.....

Not Found

There is nothing here

No web page for this address

404 Error

( return to )
( craigslist )
( homepage? )
O ^__^
o (oo)\_______
(__)\ )\/\
||----w |
|| ||

I was trying to open an ad under the free category
for a coldfusion construction kit. Normally I'd be
irritated at the 404 error I got when opening this
ad because I really, really want a coldfusion
construction kit but gosh darnit! he's just too
frickn cute! I'll take him instead.

By the way I did the spell check on his post and
it turns out his eyes are spelled wrong!


Jen said...

LOL, I heard craigslist was broken yesterday. Very cute.

sylvie d said...

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