Small explaination..

Sorry about my cryptic rant over the weekend. Basically I was nice to a few people (strangers in the neighborhood) and it came back to bite me in the ass.. I'm now learning the hard way why its just not worth it. Thats why I just added to my 43 things list, make better decisions, in other words decide not to be nice to random strangers.. I'm all done, no smiles, no hello's no good mornings, no friendliness what so ever unless I know you or your a friend of a friend, or we happen to be blogging buddies from all parts of the world ;) you know who you are.

As of today I am making that decision, its going to be hard because its in my nature but its just not worth it in the end.


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Jen said...

I'm sorry for whatever happened, and I know you know that one bad person is not representative of the was just nice to hear from you again, and know that you're okay (mostly okay).