Aligator Lizards in the Air.

I'm currently reading this book called "Permanent Californians" its basically a literary tour through some of California's best known cemeteries. Then a brief biography of some of the notable residents. It starts in LA at the Westwood cemetery where the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Buddy Rich, Natalie wood and Heather O'rourke are buried and ends in Colma California aka "city of the dead" where its said that the dead out number the living by a thousand to one. This is my second time reading this book I find it morbidly interesting. The authors also wrote Permanent New Yorkers and Permanent Parisians. I'll pick them up next.

At the moment I'm compiling a list of my all time favorite songs I'll post it here in a few days..

I fell down and split open my chin recently :( I swear I must be the clumsiest girl EVER!

well thats my update be back in a few.


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Jen said...

OMG! You split open your chin?! Well, you're obviously somewhat okay, otherwise you wouldn't be posting, but my goodness.

And "Aligator Lizards in the Air" is from America, and the song is Ventura Highway. Very clever use of the song for a post about dead Californians!