They Say Its Your Birthday, Its My Birthday Too!

Well today isn't my birthday but we're going to celebrate today with a bbq. Its officially on Monday. I don't know why but I LOVE my birthday even though every year I wait for it with anticipation and its a huge let down I still love my birthday. I also feel like its such a feminine date, July two isn't it? That's how I say it as well most would say July second, but I prefer July Two.

So about this
iphone madness. Yeah I know everyone else is talking about it, you can't go 2 minutes without hearing about it anywhere the past few months. So the NYC Apple stores got crazy there were as many news vans as there were people in line. I heard the front of the line smelled funny, go figure. The San Francisco Apple store on Market street had clowns who set up a mini, mini golf to entertain the crowd.

More about the coming out ceremony of the

One, if you were getting your phone anywhere other than the Apple store you were limited to just one phone per customer, if you did happen to get it at the Apple store you were limited to only two. TWO?? Who can even afford one?

Two, I heard that after purchasing the phone and getting home to set it all up people waited on hold with AT&T longer than they waited in-line to get the thing.

Three AT&T freaked out over the
possibility of violent iPhone line-waiters so they beefed up security. Turns out that the media were the ones they should have worried about more "when the first iPhone purchasers emerged from the store, reporters started to grab at them." However when the same happened at the Apple store, Apple employees clapped and cheered according to the Gothamist - "With helicopters circling overhead and the NYPD stationed on Fifth Avenue, the excitement reached a fever pitch when Apple employees started getting the line ready. Then cheering began when the doors opened. And when customers left with an iPhone in hand, a receiving line of Apple employees cheered and congratulated them when they left"

Anyway I won't be getting one. I can't afford that crap as a matter of fact the only reason I have an iPod is because I happened to get one for my birthday last year OH see how I brought that back around? So yeah and its only a one gig, I hear people say, yeah I remember my first ipod back in 2002 it was only a gig and I'm like, um... right.. mines brand new and its only a gig, but that's all that could be afforded... I'm like that kid who wears the KMart brand tennies to school right? The one who wears Jordache instead of Guess... :(

Oh well what can you do
that's my life and I am just fine with it.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Flutterbot!!!

Meh, I won't have an iPhone, either. I'm perfectly happy with the Motorola Razr I have. What good is an iPhone when you can't download tunes with it? Seriously. Besides, the next generation of the phones will be better, once all these little guinea pigs work out the bugs. So, you still have time to save if you reeally want one. i think you're cooler for not having one *grin*

Mustafa Yüksel said...

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