My Very First Summer Solstice resolution

While I was in the shower this morning I was planning what I was going to write about in my blog today but then I got on my bike and biked to work (for the very first time) and I totally forgot. The ride was roughly eight miles along the Hudson bike trail. I'm not gonna lie, it was tough, and my rear started hurting from the seat right around Chelsea but I did it! AND you know what? I'm not afraid to do it again that is AWESOME! Seriously it was much better than the smelly old stuffy, rat infested subway.

So.... Happy first day of summer!

Oh yeah! so I've decided to make a summer solstice resolution, since I no longer make resolutions on New Years Eve because I never keep them anyway. Lets see how I do with the summer solstice resolutions. I have a good feeling about this one. The resolution is to ride my bike as much as possible to and from work. I'd like to do it daily but that may be ambitious we'll see how my legs feel tomorrow!

Also did you know that every year thousands of people go to Stone Henge for summer solstice celebration? I have never celebrated summer solstice and I think I'd like to start doing that.

Anyway maybe my original ideas from this morning will come to me.


Anonymous said...

Happy Summer Solstice to you too FB!

I'm renaming/restarting a new blog and I've bookmarked you so I'll let you know soon.

Jen said...

Glad to hear your Summer Solstice was great, and congrats on completing the ride! I'm envious that you live close enough to where you work to bike there. I live out in the boondocks, and a 30 mile bike ride to work might kill me!

amorgan714 said...

theres a solstice parade and festical here every year. i highly recommend it.