Morbid Curiosity Killed the Cat

What I'm doing at the moment is.... still creating that sticker.. Damn! faking creativity is hard! Sort of working, I mean I am at work, and reading the recent deaths on clear my head.

I find it so fascinating. Its one way that people can be remembered after they are gone, a quick note explaining something noteworthy about them. Not only do they tell you name, birthday, what they were known for and how they died but they tell you who died today, everyday. When I clicked the link this morning, I found that four people had already died today. Don't get me wrong, I don't read it everyday, I'm no goth or totally obsessed with death, thats why I read it every other day ;)

Deaths of note, in other words deaths I remember because of who they were, how old they were, what they did or how they died are:

Stack Bundles, American, rapper, shot.
Before today I had never heard of him. He died tragically at the age of 24.

Frankie Abernathy, American, cast member of The Real World: San Diego cystic fibrosis
She was also too young too die, I never watched The real world: San Diego, but the wikipedia entry
about her says it was obvious during the time of taping that her health was deteriorating.

Edwin Traisman, American food scientist, who developed McDonald's French fries and helped develop Cheez Whiz, heart attack
McDonald's french fries and Cheez Whiz!! a match made in heaven this man was a genius! mmmm gooey cheese fries. (not trying to be morbid at all seems like he had a nice long life)

Steve Gilliard, 42, American blogger heart kidney failure
A progressive blogger from New York, and editor and publisher of The News Blog

John Pike, 23, American Ra Ra Riot drowned
What a horrible tragedy, when you go to the wikipedia entry for Ra Ra Riot it mostly talks about his death, when you go to Ra Ra Riots website the latest news is a brief blurb about the incident and their mourning.

Kelsey Smith American kidnapping and murder victim
Unthinkable, this sort of thing makes me ill. I'm so sorry for her and her family. Kidnapped and killed at the age of 18 horrifyingly tragic.

Ernest Hofstetter, 95, Swiss pioneer climber of Mount Everest
Quite an achievement. I've always wanted to climb a mountain, well actually no, I used to want to climb a mountain, now I'm just too lazy.

Tony Thompson, 31, American lead vocalist of the R&B group Hi-Five, apparent drug overdose.
I think they were best known for "I swear" I mean when I think of Hi-Five that song starts to play in my head. hmm guess I better google that.

Pamela Low, 79, American flavorist who created the coating for Cap'n Crunch
I wonder exactly how similar a flavorist is to a perfumist or is it smellist? Its all science right?

Shinichi Yamazaki, 76, Japanese public official implicated in recent bid-rigging, possible suicide by jumping
Adding to Japans enormous suicide rate.

Barbara Cox Anthony, 84, American heiress to Cox Enterprises and 45th-richest person in the world, after long illness
Its really very sad that she struggled for so long.

David Lane, 68, American neo-Nazi leader and author
Neo Nazi? Strange it doesn't say how he died.

Marquise Hill, 24, American football player for the New England Patriots in the NFL, drowning.
His Wikipedia entry says that he was riding a jet ski with a friend when they both fell off, neither wearing a life jacket, his friend was rescued by coast guard but they could not locate Marquise. He is also noted for spending a lot of time in New Orleans helping out after Katrina hit.

Ed Yost, 87, American inventor of the modern hot air balloon.
I've never ridden in one but if it weren't for him we wouldn't have this

Arwon, 33, New Zealand-born racehorse, longest surviving Melbourne Cup winner, euthanasia
Euthanasia :( I'm sure they had a good reason, and the only reason I would consider good is if the horse was suffering from some terminal disease.

Christopher Newton, 37, American murderer, execution by lethal injection.
According to his Wikipedia article his death has recently riled controversy over the death penalty because it took over 2 hours and 10 attempts before he died. Mostly due to the fact that he was 265lbs and his veins were hard to find.

Robert Comer, 50, American murderer, execution by lethal injection.
May is also the month of lethal injections apparently

Harvey Weinstein, 82, American businessman, chairman of Lord West Formal Wear and 1993 kidnap victim
I totally remember the news stories surrounding his being kidnapped

Dayna Ho-Henry, 51, American daughter of famed Hawaiian singer Don Ho
Because I have a friend named( Danya not Dayna but similar) and because I was wondering if Don Ho was still around.

Philip Workman, 53, American murderer, execution by lethal injection
Hmmm read the wikipedia article, I don't know how I feel about this one.

Isabella Blow, 48, British fashion journalist and stylist, suicide by poisoning.
Very interesting lass its sad that she felt the need to kill herself it seems like she was liked by many and her eccentricity is just what the world needed.

Rose (goat)Rose Tombe, Sudanese celebrity goat, asphyxiation
I hate this story but it did catch my eye

Ok, I'm done. Back to my sticker.. oh and work I guess


Jen said...

Flutterbot, that is amazing. I had no idea Wikipedia had that listing. Darn you, now I have something else I need to read everyday!! Not that I'm death obsessed. Well, not much, anyway. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yikes...! Well I'm curious about you Flutterbot...I've just tagged you for a game in which you reveal 8 random things about yourself (hopefully including a progress report on your sticker)!

Flutterbot said...

Its amazing how hard it is to come up with 8 random things about ME! I've been thinking about it all day! I'll do my best though.

Anonymous said...

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