A Rant About My Disgust and Disappointment in our Troubled World.

Is anyone else troubled by the increasing news of Illicit police violence, Corruption among the US Government, People dying in a meaningless war, Mothers who murder children, Teachers Molesting Students, Clergy molesting children, Animals being treated cruel and experiencing horrible unthinkable deaths, and on and on.

When I review the list above I see one common denominator.... Abuse of power. Every one of those crimes involves an "Authoritative figure" and a those who look to them for safety. I know there are a ton of good people out there but the violence in the world is growing at a rate that I'm not sure any one of us is ready for.

There are things I read that I cannot get out of my head, headlines I read that wish I hadn't. In fact these same headlines haunt me for days and days. I read a headline about 6 months ago that I'll spare you, but it never left me. To this day when it crosses my mind it turns my stomach as other headlines often do.

My point is this, if we as humans are starting to wake up to all thats happening in our world, we are doing it
too slowly. All this stuff thats happening, meaning whats listed above is obvious, we all know its happening, but most of us think if its not happening to us then, we can ignore it. Not true. I'm afraid to read news headlines, because I'm afraid to see the horrible things that are happening everywhere because I can't face it, and because I alone can't fix it.

We can liken it to this; We are in a trash compactor that is slowly closing in on us, and we can't do a thing to stop it. [Think of the first Star wars, Han, Luke and Leia stuck in the compactor on Darth's ship] Except, we don't have droids helping us escape.

I recently started feeling really guilty about eating meat. I've spent my entire life eating meat, its always been ok with me. But now, faced with all the violence I'm starting to feel really guilty about my role in the violence towards animals that are bred purely for our consumption. I'd really rather not contribute to any to the violence in the world in any way.

Kidnapped children, human trafficking, spousal abuse, rape, hate crimes, harassment, the list is endless. Its really disheartening to be aware of such horrendous acts of humanity.


Anonymous said...

It's a sad statement of our times, isn't it? Just when humanity should be more enlightened...they seem less and less.

Jen said...

I often feel the way you do in this post. A few years ago, I worked as a radio news anchor, and I wound up in a deep depression. It seemed all I ever read was bad news (USS Cole, Elian Gonzales, and then heaven help me 9/11). Sometimes it really is better to tune out for a bit, or at least hunt down the good things that happen. It doesn't always seem like it, but there are good things happening, too.