Its not always skin deep

I have a horrible horrible mind disturbing head ache today. Its driving me absolutely crazy. Also, over the weekend I did what I like to call "girl maintenance" if your a girl you know what that means, if your a boy you may or may not, ask the girl closest to you.. Anyway, one word eyebrows. Seriously? Come on. I don't pay to get any type of beauty service. I do it all myself, plus I'm afraid of waxing and threading.

I hate to tweeze and since I'm drinking less than I used to it barely gets done. The reason is that I used to have a few drinks before I tweezed to take the edge off (yes if your thinking I'm a huge wimp your right)

Anyway this past weekend during my "girl maintenance" I attempted to tweeze but couldn't take it so I got out the ol trusty depilatory cream. I applied vaseline to the parts of the brow I wanted to keep and the depilatory cream to the parts I wanted gone.

Well I must have left it on too long because I now have a ton of these little red scabs where some of my hair follicles used to be. It specifically says in bold print "
DO NOT EXCEDE 10 MINUTES" I thought I didn't but I guess I was wrong. Now I have a set of red eyebrow shaped scarred skin patches above my normal eyebrows.

Just thought I'd share.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry'll calm down, but you do have to be careful with specified times on product because if you're fair/sensitive skinned these products are usually irritating. Sometimes I think it's better to have the drink if it will take the edge off for you. I leave my brows pretty much au naturel these days as they're thinning naturally themselves lately and I like my my natural browline.

Turtle Parade said...

Ugh! That sucks.

I'm sure it will get better rather quickly - the skin on our face reinvents itself quicker than other places.

I'm a tweezer - I do it almost daily...that way, I only have to do one or two each morning. It doesn't build up to the point that it takes me forever and hurts! I can handle a few little devils each day!

Jen said...

A little cortisone cream may help with the redness and any swelling on your eyebrows! You poor thing!

Depilatory creams always left me with a rash, and I'm afraid of waxing. I once, at the urging of a friend, tried waxing my own legs. I now have scars on the left one from my attempt! I'm starting to see tiny hairs around my upper lip, and I'm dreading having to take care of them.