“Racism isn't born, folks, it's taught. I have a two-year-old son. You know what he hates? Naps! End of list.” - Dennis Leary

Last night I was at a cute little french restaurant on the Lower East side called The Flea Market, having drinks and a small dinner with a friend when I noticed sitting just about 4 feet away from us was a table of 4 men, 1 of them happen to be Dennis Leary, as usual I was star struck. Thats what I love about New York. Turns out he's a bit smaller in person than he looks on TV.

The friend I was with didn't really know who he was so I was trying to explain who he was to her as I was explaining he was listening to me. I felt kinda bad because all I could say was, you know he's a stand up comedian from Boston, he's Irish, he was in a movie where he tied up a couple and held them hostage and now he's in some TV show about Firemen..

Yup! Hearing me describe him with that much detial must have made him feel really good.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's what TV and movie stars live for - recognition! He seems like a really decent and nice guy, not difficult of approach either. I get starstruck too, I guess a lot of people do. I've noticed also that any celebrities I've crossed paths with appear less large in person - that's the magic of entertainment... to make stars look larger than life.

Jen said...

A friend of mine once worked as an extra on a film Dennis Leary did. She said he would eat with the whole cast every day, including the extras, and always asked if they had everything they needed. He's always struck me as a cool guy, and I imagine he would have been tickled by your description of him. *grin*