Social Network Explosion!

Seriously, you can turn anything into a social network. But I like it.. Two sites I've become wrapped up in lately are Community Walk and This Next. I'll start with Community walk, its basically google maps that lets you create your own Poi's, paths, maps of say... everywhere you lived in Manhattan, or a walking path to all of your favorite bars in the Lower East side. They are then shared by category, or tags. I started one for my hood My Map .

This Next is a social online shopping network. Think of it like amazon lists, but not limited to just one website. You create your profile then create your list, lets say I'll call my Geeky Girly Things. Then in my list I will link photo of the item I want to share and write a small description, or quote the description from the website. Then you categorize and tag your items and list, and people either comment or just simply shop, also you can link to items in other peoples lists, then boom! your connected. I have nothing on my list as of yet but if you wanna be my shopping buddy you can find me here

I like friends so be my friend EVERY
WHERE!. ok. thank you. bye.

Update: I think I have capped my social network tollerance.. I'm a member of a whopping 23... How does this sort of thing happen? Is it like an addiction? Will I have to go to social networkers anonymous? I think its certianly heading in that direction.. help! ps. have you seen Twitter? so fun! Um except have no friends yet so I feel dumb updating.. go find me!


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