Anna Nicole Smith is Dead

Guys! This is terrible. What a sad, sad life. Her poor baby girl. I feel horrible. But also a bit worried..... I took the Trimspa challenge!.. Oh no. Do you think that was why? I just wanted to be envied. Is that selfish? Someone dies and I worry about myself. :(... What is WRONG with me?

Seriously though, its really sad, she was only 39.

I tried to include a picture of her, but when I did a google search for images 30% of them were naked, and I'm at work, and people sit behind me and now I must look like a big perv... again somehow was able to bring that back to myself.... sheesh.

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Heather said...

I know, it's so sad! She was a train wreck, but what a tragic life. I think she probably committed suicide (or inadvertently OD'd) because she couldn't get over her son's death. And who can blame her?