If I Can Make it There, I Can Make it Anywhere..

I've been a new Yorker for 2.2 years, and I still have some questions...

New Yorkers,

  1. Why do you insist on getting your cup of coffee in a paper bag?
  2. Why do the bodegas give me a straw no matter what I buy?
  3. Wait and why do you call them bodegas?
  4. Why do you regularly risk you life by darting out into the street in front of a Yellow cab traveling at least 45 mph?
  5. Why does McDonalds deliver?
  6. Why do you walk so damn fast?
  7. Where the hell are you going in such a hurry?
  8. Why does it now piss me off to get stuck behind a "slow walker"?
  9. How the hell do you manage to speedwalk through the city and into and out of the subways in 4 inch high heeled shoes?
  10. Why aren't there more Trader Joes?
  11. Oh! Oh! and why is Two-Buck-Chuck $2.99? Thats not two bucks!
  12. What the hell is a fall out shelter?
  13. Why is it so hard to find yellow mustard? I hate this deli crap!
  14. How do you live without real Mexican food?
  15. Why aren't there cross town Subways Uptown?
  16. How do you stand the frigged winter weather?
  17. How do you stand the sweltering heat in the summer?
  18. Why aren't there more cute little espresso cafes?

I like it here but it will never be a dear to me as my beloved San Francisco.

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