My Book Report on Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by: Me!

Remember my earlier post about Dailylit? Well I just finished reading 'Incidents in the life of a slave girl written by herself' it was sent to me in segments. Here's the thing, I love the idea of reading a book in segments, but the problem is that I cannot do that. What happened was I started reading the first segment when I finished that segment I noticed a link at the bottom to get the next segment emailed immediately so, I clicked that then started reading the next as soon as it came. Then I finished that one and clicked for the next, and again and again. THEN, at the end of the day I clicked that link over and over and over and printed those that came to me and read them on the train.

Don't get me wrong I am so happy I have this option, however I now see that I cannot use dailylit the way it was intended. I still love the service its a virtual library, and I never have to worry about late fees!

I highly suggest reading it though! Seriously it is SO good, it was written by Harriet Jacobs. Jacobs was born into slavery, her parents were both mulatto slaves working for different masters. When Harriet became of age she became a slave to the Norcom family. She suffered nearly a decade of sexual harassment by her master Dr Norcom before she ran away. Her main motivation was not a selfish one, she ran away with the hopes of freeing her two young children from slavery, by southern law they were also owned by the Norcom family and would become working slaves or sold when they were old enough to be useful. She endured many years of hardships and then came out a writer, an abolitionists, a loving mother, and a loyal friend to many.

In those days being a slave meant that you were not a human you were property. This meant that the slaves had no rights and in most cases mothers would lose their children and husbands and wifes were separated when the slave holders decided to sell them to the slave traders.
This book recounts some of the horrors that most slaves endured over the years. Some were beaten until blood ran down to their feet, some were beaten then dragged through fields behind horses, some were starved to death, some were raped, and so on.

While reading I was horrified, sad, happy, nervous, horrified again, sad again and then Happy. I highly recommend it. So go.. go to dailylit and get your first segment.

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I totally love the fact that they say "tricked out in gay or fashionable finery"

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