So turns out that not two stops away from my stop on 1 train waaaaay up yonder in Harlem, two men were struck by a train. At first your like "Dear Lord thats awful!" and... well its not as bad as it sounds I mean, well its bad just not that bad. Turns out that a young man 18 years of age had a seizure and fell onto the tracks, so another man hopped down to try to save him, but didn't have enough time to get him off the tracks, so he laid on top of the seizure victim to protect him while the train sped over the two. Miraculously they lived!

Who says New Yorkers are mean natured?

So the man(hero) who jumped onto the tracks to save the kid is a Vietnam vet and said
"I think I did the right thing," then he said. "And it ain't about being a hero, it's just being able to be here and help the next person.". This is an amazing New York story. The kind I like. The kind I want to hear more of.. so go out there and put your ass on the line to save someones life! Go on.. Go! (and not just you New Yorkers, and not just you Vietnam vets)

Oh and make sure someone sees you do it so they can tell me about it.

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