In The Last Hours of 2006

Lets see... a few final thoughts on things that still are and things that came to be for me in 2006.

1. Nazbatags are cute
2. so are puppies and kittens, and babies....
3. 30 is the new 20. (and I'm very happy about that)
4. Its still not cool to be a trekkie (no I'm not)
5. New york did not suck as much this year as I thought it did last year
6. I still love cheese
7. and beer
8. surveys say I spent more money shopping on line in 2006 than any other year
9. Podcasts have made my commute more enjoyable
10. Macs are better than PC's
11. iPods are now semi-affordable
12. Blogging and podcasts are on the rise (big suprise)
13. Google rules
14. Kevin Rose is hot (see posts "casts and other geeky goodness" & "its getting hot in here"
15. Kraft still is the cheesiest
16. Trader Joes wine shop is awesome
17. I still miss San Francisco
18. War still sucks
19. So does our President
and finally.....
20. I am still alive, and healthy. (Yay!)

Happy New Year!

< /KO >

1 comment:

m a n d y said...

i LOVE nabzatags!
i lust for them!