Presidential Address on Iraq

It is so obvious that he's reading a speech that someone smarter wrote for him, he looks as if he is watching a tennis match in slow motion. Also how many speech lessons have you had to take Mister "Put food on your families". He is also speaking slower than I've ever seen him speak... Losing the support of the people Mister President? Speaking better is not going to help that, we've seen 6 years of your dumbness.. And its clear that you need to withdrawl NOT increase.. lets watch the rest of your supporters drop off like dead flies when they are sickened by the senslessness of this war and thier friends and family die or lose someone in this ridiculous war.

This speech was not consistent with any of the other speeches you gave convincing the American public that we needed to declare war on Iraq.

Synonym of the day: President/Failure

Sorry for the rant.

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