My Friend Killagrrrl (Donna)

Unfortunately I have something sad to talk about. My Friend Donna, whom I know best as Killagrrl had a brain aneurysm on New Years Day while visiting friends in San Francisco. She is currently in SF General hospital...Still in a coma. As of yet we do not know the extent of damage to Killas brain. What we do know is that Killa has a rare disease called Moyamoya, which caused the aneurysm, she's had it for some time now but didn't know. On New Years Eve and into the next day Killa was dancing and having a great time until she started complaining of having a headache and her friends noticed that she was no longer dancing, which is out of character for Killa. So her friends luckily had the sense to drive her to the emergency room. She got there just in time. Had they not left when they did Killa probably wouldn't have made it. Killa, as I said is currently in a coma, and not projected to wake up for at least a few more weaks.

Killa's family live here in New York and don't really have the money to stay with her as much as they'd like to. So the good people of the Burningman community, through which I met Killa, have come together and created a website. We're trying to come up with some ways to raise money to help get her family back by her side. Please take a look, you can read about Killa, read more about Moyamoya see some pictures of her making life a party. Killa is a really special person and if you have met her you know, it goes without saying. Anyway take a look.

I will keep the link in the side bar so that it doesn't get buried in the blog.

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