Casts and Other Geeky Goodness

Just finished listening to the entire archives of Matt's Today in History. Really, really interesting stuff.... well to me anyway. I don't know what I did before podcasts! NPR?

Began my morning wasting some time at work to watch the latest Diggnation vidcast. I had no idea that Kevin Rose was so freakin' hot!! Since I usually listen to podcasts on my non-video iPod I only get the mp3 version (which I'm happy they offer) . I have been enlightened to this little fact.

I had no idea how interesting, watching two geeks, drink beer and stare at their laptops could be. Except when you watch the vidcast you actually get to see what they are talking about its a totally different experience.. not to mention getting to see Mister hottalicious, who can make any girl wish she was that beer bottle.... ehem.. anywho, off the subject.. moving on...
One of the stories they dugg is that George Lucas built a set in Tunisia for Episode (4) and left it there and now people live there <- go Digg it. Pre tty cool... pretty cool..

Speaking of vidcasts, did you happen to know that Wil Wheaton from Star Trek the Next Generation and Stand By Me is a total geek. He used to work on Tech TV, and now hosts video casts and podcasts of his own.. oh wait.. Star Trek.....geek... I get it, its not really that off the wall after all. I wonder if he plays D&D?

alrighty peeps, I'm out..

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