Untitled(I was very granola when I wrote this)

By me

A leaf is a soul, thousand of souls hang high in the trees they move only slightly when the wind blows.
Those souls on the trees have made peace with the earth.
They have learned to respect it's power and become one with it.
They hang high, perched on their branches watching with sorrow, the stupidity they see below.
They see the skin covered souls who do not respect the earth that they themselves rely on, for food, for shelter, for life.
These ignorant souls create waste and more wast, until the wast covers more land then even the trees do.
All the while these souls that hang on the trees, work so hard to create the air that they selfish souls breath, the selfish souls see it fit to create metal boxes with wheels that contaminate their air.
They are safe in the arms of their universe, but they are infecting her with a malignant disease.
When she dies, so will they, when she dies, all the beautiful trees will lose their leaves.

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