By me

Under a twin-sized canopy lay a very little girl, auburn-colored ringlets cover her pillow.
She sleeps soundly, dreaming of a bright red bike with a bell.
Her dreams are disturbed by a touch that awakens her, but she dare not open her eyes, then another touch, and another.
She feels a heavy weight upon her, then..... pain
She feels her breathing change and its hard to draw in breathes, but she dare not change the tempo of her fake snore.
She wishes she could be back in time, five minutes ago when she had a bright red bike with a bell.
She'd ride the bike as fast and far as it would take her, she'd bring her dog and her favorite blanket.... But, if she rode too far, she'd be alone, she'd be scared and miss her mom.
And if she stayed away too long, what if her mom grew old waiting for her to return and died?
Who would protect the little girl?
The girl begins to ache inside, and while fighting back the tears, she finds hersewlf back in her twin-sized bed with the canopy, her eyes sealed tight and struggling to breathe again.
She feels pain and fear, and she wonders where her mother is.
She hopes this will end soon.

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