Yet Another Thing for Me to Get addicted To

Ok as if there wasn't enough in this web 2.0 world to obsessively distract me from work and the rest of my life. Justin TV was just launched a day ago and now I'm obsessed with this.. I think its a brilliant idea.

My basic understanding of it is, Justin puts on a baseball cap with a camera connected to it, and he carries the laptop in his backpack and streams his life 24/7. I think what they are doing is turning it into a business where sponsors pay them to have Justin visit them while they show him what their business is all about in between his normal routine. I think they plan to try to make it interesting by having Justin visit different parts of San Francisco and visit with normal people.
One of the sponsors is zipcar I used to work there pretty funny.

His schedule is posted right next to the live feed, however so far I've noticed that he doesn't really follow it too closely, right now its 9am pst he was supposed to be having breakfast in North Beach but he's doing the dishes instead. Oh wait... some random girl just called him, and it seems like he's getting realtime chats from people asking him to do stuff.. hmm this could be interesting..

Update: after a rocky start, Justin's video is down and has been for about 14 hours.. It lasted 2 days 2 hours.

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