Social networks.. and the wonders of life & death

Ok Criticize them if you want to, "no one older than 15 should join" blah blah blah. I have been contacted by more old friends via myspace and facebook that I ever was via phone. I gotta be honest. I'm a huge fan, twitter, friendster, myspace, facebook, thisnext, digg and so on... Anyway one of my closest high school friends just emailed me via myspace, and I'm not gonna lie, I looked her up a million times but her name has changed, as did her face, her life and her location so it was impossible to find her.

I'm so happy to hear from her, I can't wait to reconnect, have coffee, a little chat about her new little 2 year old Noah.

On the downside, she spoke of a mutual friend of ours who had recently been killed(she found me via another mutual friend at his funeral) After receiving the news, I did some research and it turns out that our friend Vu was a 7 year veteran of the Sacramento sheriff's department. He was in pursuit of a gang member and was shot in the neck. He died on the operation table this past December. Poor Vu, he was just married.

This is terrible, when I hear of friends dying or getting sick I realize how fragile we actually are. Makes me want to call everyone I know and say "hi, I hope your well and I'm thinking of you"

I feel terrible for his family. I actually know several of Vu's siblings however Phoung, and Ang are the two I knew best. Vu's murderer was just 15, how could a 15 year old already have such a cold heart?

Here is an article to explain a bit more and a bit better than I did.


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