Stumbling, Not Just from Drinking Anymore.....

Well, Well. 11 days and no new posts! My apologies, I was sick.

but now I'm better! And I'm back at work wasting time as usual woo!

I thought this might be a good time to talk about my new favorite browser add-on. I registered then downloaded the StumbeUpon toolbar about a month ago. I have been having some fun with it, especially when I'm bored, which is most of the time. Its another social networking situation of sorts which I have to say I'm not entirely sure I'm used to quite yet. But I'll get into that in a moment.

Anyway I started by just hitting the Stumble button and Stumbling around the internet it took me to pages that matched my interests (I had to fill out a profile where I was able to say what they were) Anyway when your browsing if you land on a page that no one else has StumbledUpon, you tell Stumble that you like it, then you can fill out a short description and its added to your profile, and ready for other people to StumbleUpon. Also, as your Stumbling you can say, 'Yes I like it' or 'No I don't' Stumble will use this information to refine you recommended Stumbles.

One thing I like about Stumble is that it bookmarks the pages I like and makes the list of them available online anytime.

So yeah, the social networking thing that kinda bugs me is this; Back when I had a Friendster acct and currently on my Myspace page, I prefer to keep only people I know in my network. Its just weird when some random guy in Alabama or some girl in Florida say hey be my friend on MySpace... and I'm like uh... but I don't know you and you have satanic symbols or dancing teddy bears all over your page... You know what I mean?

And blogs, I get that, you read a blog you like it you return every so often to read it , you leave comments...etc.. I can see how strangers can connect online that way. The thing I have a hard time with is adding a stranger to my social networks. I dunno maybe I'm paranoid and think everyone is trying to hit on me.. or wait maybe thats actually narcissism
;) I dunno maybe its just me..

Anyway thats my two cents. I have no friends on Stumble because I'm the only one I know who scours the internet as much as I do. But if you want to see what I stumbledUpon you can go here.

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